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Is it good to change the Technology per business or changing Business per Technology?
Change Technology per Business
Change Business according to Technology
It Depends
Never change Business
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social welfare surcharge tax code
By vivet2 at 13 Jan 2021 - 10:16


i want to craete social welfare surchare singuler tax code but which option should i select in "kind of tax" option please guide. 

Easy SQL
By vivet2 at 7 Nov 2020 - 11:15


any body has prog guide for infor ln 10.3.

Please provide.

 Thanks in advance.Smile 


Easy SQL
By vivet2 at 31 Oct 2020 - 11:08


I want to fech some data through easy sql but i am not able to make query in where condition for date range. my query is.


 select tfgld018.ttyp,tfgld018.docn,tfgld018.dcdt,tfgld018.stat

from tfgld018

where tfgld018.stat = 3 and

tfgld018.dcdt  >= :tfgld018.dcdt.t and

tfgld018.dcdt  <= :tfgld018.dcdt.f 

  system throuwing error.    ttadv3280m000: ttadv31853 : Execute Query: Range should be date(YYYY,MM,DD)   Please help .. 

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