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Infor ERP LN and Baan Planning Tip #4: Routings - The Final Data Requirement
By Jonathan Gross at 27 Jul 2011 - 21:56

In our previous ERP planning tip, we discussed the bill of materials (BOM), which discussion answered the following questions: which and how many components are needed to produce an item. This tip deals with routings, the final data set-up requirement. <--break->


Routings are the – manufacturing methods – the sequence of steps and related times that are needed to make an item. Production routings specify the ordered list of tasks used to manufacture a product. In addition to the standard routing, a product might have alternate routings (the selection of which depends on the situation). When a production work order is created to manufacture the product, one of the possible routings is chosen.

A typical routing is represented by a series of operation steps. Each step contains a task, various times related to the task (and other parameters), as well as the next operation step in the sequence.

For example:

Routing Table

ERP Planning Tip #3: Drive Planning Efficiency with Accurate Production Bill-of-Materials
By Jonathan Gross at 5 Jul 2011 - 20:40

In this series of bi-weekly tips, we break down the secrets to effective replenishment planning and shop scheduling. Pemeco Consulting is a leading vendor-agnostic provider of Supply Chain and ERP services to companies running Infor LN and Baan ERP systems. Learn about our niche speciality Infor LN and Baan ERP services and our Planning Dashboard for ERP LN and Baan.


In our previous ERP planning tip, we covered time and quantity order-based modifiers to back-schedule supply requirements from demand. This previous tip dealt with the “when” and “how much” questions of planning. In this week’s tip, we cover the “what” questions of planning, which is represented by the bill of materials, or BOM (there is also an element of “how much” in BOMs).

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