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The Role of Staffing Strategy in Overcoming the Pandemic Problems
By at 14 Oct 2021 - 15:39

All of the world, especially big tech firms, were generally lame in responding to the threat of the coronavirus. Sure, we had Zoom to keep the fortunate ones among us working and Netflix to ensure that we all remained sane. But the fact of the matter is that the pandemic has rather grossly unearthed the limitations and impotence of some of the richest companies in the world around us.

The period has not been rather becoming for Silicon Valley employees either. Over 69,000 employees working in startups in America have been laid off. A majority of those laid off belonged to Silicon Valley, and it is very unlikely for them to land their next job in the same residence or state even.

This will mean that a number of talented individuals will now be dispersed across the country. Over 50,000 talented individuals working for startups in Silicon Valley will now be forced to move to other states and places of employment.

Big Data Problems Organizations Need to Find Answers To
By at 13 Oct 2021 - 15:16

Over 90 percent of the data around the world today was created during the course of the last couple of years. Today, organizations around the world are generating over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. This goes to prove that we are in the midst of a data revolution, and our data requirements are only going to increase in the future, leading to a few data problems as well.

In this article, we shed light on a few big data problems that organizations need to find answers to. These problems have plagued organizations for a while and it is time organizations found a way through.

The Types of Tools Transforming E-Commerce in 2021 and Beyond
By at 13 Oct 2021 - 15:13

The sale revolution has picked up pace during the last few years. Retail sale stores are making the shift from the high street to online stores. The UK alone saw a record number of sales in 2021 occurring online. With the shift online, most retailers face a common challenge, improving their e-commerce experience for consumers logging in from over the globe.

Improving the online digital experience requires more than just quality products. You need to improve your online touchpoints and make sure that customers get a seamless experience, void of any hindrances or delays.

The digital world has picked up the pace with the growing demand for online commerce. Consumers now have access to several essential e-commerce tools that simplify the experience and make inventory management easier.

10 Questions Before Hiring Software Development Team
By at 5 Oct 2021 - 15:29

While choosing between a dedicated software team that works independently and an in-house team within their workplace, many organizations would choose the perks of an independent development team. There are many reasons behind it, which can help organizations grow in size and reach new heights.

Read About How Software Development Consultancy Can Help Your Business

However, in this article, we look at the hiring process of working with a development team. Since your project and its success are dependent on the efforts of the development team, you should make sure that they are the right fit for you.

How to Hire AngularJS Developers in 2021
By at 30 Sep 2021 - 09:20

Front end development is an important part of the web development process world over. Almost all web applications and digital products require a finished visual front to attract users and bring their attention to the rest of the website.


When it comes to front end development, organizations require the right tools and specialists who are skilled at using them. One of the tools that can come in handy here is Angular. Angular is one of the most popular front end development tools in the market today and is second only to React in efficiency and popularity.


Reasons to Learn Multiple Programming Languages
By at 20 Sep 2021 - 13:19

Out of all professionals in the IT industry, programmers go through perhaps the most extensive and thorough learning process. Learning your first programming language is a huge step towards your career progression and the journey to becoming a professional programmer. However, if you stop the learning process after your first language, you will drastically limit the number of career prospects you get in the future.

Innovation In Programming Languages

The tech world is going through multiple disruptions at once. Technology is picking up pace and developers have new coding languages to learn almost every year. Every year, we see the release of a new coding language that is relevant to a new tech platform created for more convenience and ease of access. There are currently more than 500 programming languages accessible to users, and each one of them carries its own use case and implementation.

Available to Work/ Infor Assignments
By cute_kanku at 17 Sep 2021 - 05:59

Dear Friends & Colleagues,


All You Need to Know About Salesforce Apex Language
By at 16 Sep 2021 - 13:31

Apex is an object-oriented programming language present on the Salesforce platform. The language allows programmers to execute and perform transactions to control statements on servers associated with Salesforce. The language uses syntax that is extremely similar to that of Java. Apex allows businesses the opportunity to include button clicks, add business logic and record updates.

Salesforce is the number 1 Customer Relationship Management portal in the world, which gives customers the added feasibility of creating and marketing their own application without investing in the complete infrastructure.

Salesforce has made the world of sales and customer management more effortless than ever before. Before the CRM platform popped up, organizations would invest in their own infrastructure to host their CRM solutions. This process did cost a lot and would at times take years to complete.

NodeJS development for your Online Business
By at 14 Sep 2021 - 10:32

Node.js is a server-side development platform created on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine, which is known for its impeccable scalability. NodeJS is popular amongst web developers and a consistent part of web development technology stacks like MEAN and MERN. In this article, we will review the benefits and drawbacks of NodeJS development.


Although used primarily for server-side programming, NodeJS offers additional features. It’s neither a library nor a framework, but a comprehensive run time environment dedicated to server-side applications. To work better with the technology, hire Node.js developers who are experienced in almost every industry applications.

Reasons to Use React with Node JS for Web Development
By at 13 Sep 2021 - 12:27

New developers that are just beginning to learn the craft would know all about how difficult it can be to meander through the endless ocean of questions facing them right at the start of their journey. During their early correspondence with clients and internal team members, new developers have a number of questions coming up in their minds.

To begin with, they need to know the right JavaScript library to fit the requirements of their project between React or Node. Plus, Node JS is known to be scalable, but can it be used alongside React? Which out of React JS and Node JS is better if we want a scalable UI for the web application?

The answers to these questions require a detailed account of both React and Node JS and how they help developers become more efficient in their work. If you are a newbie developer, you would want to know the answer to these questions, and we have them for you here.

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