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ASCII GUI Keyboard
By Rainer.Voigt at 8 Dec 2011 - 04:22

Does anyone have the used keystrokes for the ASCII GUI ?

Integration Transaccions
By rccastan at 7 Dec 2011 - 17:40

Closing the accounting period in the session tfgld0107m000, I make an error that says, "Not all transactions are accounted for integration by the year 2011 period, 11", run the session tfgld4201m000 which indicates that there is no outstanding information, check the table

Sale Order Line - Production Orders (PCS)
By *NemO* at 18 Nov 2011 - 11:31


 Does anyone know if there is a way of linking back outstanding production order to a particular sales order line?

Baan V PCS so sales order (project) shows against all production orders, but how do i see which line of the sales order?


Reconciliation Data
By jstachy at 16 Nov 2011 - 01:12

Hai Experts,

When I run the report FI-Reconciliation Data by Business Object, there are amount in the Total Difference, which I understand it should NOT have any difference. Can anyone explain what and how to rectify the difference? Thank you.

DBA User
By jstachy at 23 Sep 2011 - 09:34

I am very new in BAAN LN. I have one major problem. I need to know how to create a Database Administrator. Now I only have access to the system as Installation User, but none of os know the DBA user and password after the guy left(crazy one).This is because, I can't change any of the User's role and database permission without the DBA password. Another things is, can any one can explain or screen shot how the customization look like in BAAN? I think our version here is only the Client environment which does not allow programming..(and crapp again). Our version is LN6.1


Thanks guys.


Checksum of Master Security File is inconsistent
By ljimenez at 12 Sep 2011 - 19:57

Hi, somebody knows how to fix the error,

Fatal error :  No license to run object '/baan/bse/tools/tt7',

Fatal error : Checksum of Master Security File is inconsistent


Trave cost - Surcharge Entry in Baan4c4
By shujaatha at 9 Sep 2011 - 01:30

Can anyone help me to enter Travel Surcharge Setup in Baan 4c4?

Need Infor Integration (Open World) Specialist
By jarledge at 25 Aug 2011 - 17:35

We are searching for a specialist that can perform some Infor Integration (Open World) work or better yet provide some training on Infor Integration.  Please advise.  Thank you.

cost price to standard price updation
By Babuplus at 12 Jul 2011 - 17:02

Can you please confirm my understanding about Cost price/ std price etc

1.  When ever there is a receipt in the raw material store, inventory price is calculated as per the setting WA method and stored in the receipt table.  This average price is not used  any where except for updating to the standard price table. If this is correct what value will be added to raw mat inventory.

2. upon running standard price update,  the price in the receipt table is copied to standard price table only if there is stock for an item, otherwise old std price will be retained. Now all the inventory in all the warehouses (raw mat, wip, fini goods)  are revalued as per the new std rate.

3. issues from the  raw material store to production is valued  at the price in the std price table always

4. receipt from the production to warehouse is valued actual cost and on WA basis, the rate will be stored only in the receipt table. but the inventory will be taken as per the std price table (diff goes to the prod result)  upon running price update, the act cost price in the receipt table is copied to std rate  

5. issues from finished goods warehouse to sales is valued at std price table and moved to cogs. (always)

Is my understanding correct, if not,  can you please explain me the process updating  cost price to std price step by step explaining what happens during the process.

also pl let me know where standard price table is used and where actual cost prices are used

By fprosman at 9 Jun 2011 - 15:45

Has anybody knowledge about BaanIV GWW?

Especially the datamodel. 

If so, let me know.  

Franklin Prosman



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