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What do you expect from your SI Implementation partner for the success of ERP implementation.
Bring best practices - Not to offer more CR's Leveraging standard functions
Need more honesty to work with the Users until their processes are fully mapped & Users are trained
Focus on process automation/ integrations/ Real time data/ BI analytics
Stick to basics
Total votes: 7

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ER1 report in INFOR LN6.1
By rajeshkrsaini at 26 May 2009 - 17:56

Dear Consultant ,

Please advise the ER1 report layout in LN 6.1

Is the report is correct as per standard format ?




Pro-active steps followed during Baan Triton Shutdown
By rajacsc at 18 Jul 2008 - 10:04

Could you advice, What pro-active steps can be taken during the BAAN TRITON shut down schedule, so that we mitigate any long outage period of BAAN TRITON? Any technical or functional advise is appreciated.

I would appreciate if you intimate me to the soonest.

What are the (browser) requirements to view
By patvdv at 13 Jun 2008 - 08:42


Baanboard will work fine with most recent and (reasonably) standards compliant (HTML/CSS) web browsers such as:

  • Opera 9+
  • Firefox 2.x
  • IE 7.0+

Do not use any older versions of Internet Explorer such as 6.0, 5.5 etc, as these browsers will not render the navigation panel correctly.


Screen sizes

Baanboard recommends to view its site on a resolution of 1024x768 pixels or higher. We no longer support any lower resolutions as the vast majority of our visitors do use a higher resolution nowadays (see: Forum Statistics > Display colors & Resolutions)


How do I activate/confirm my account?
By patvdv at 22 May 2008 - 21:12

When you first register as member or when you change your registered e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail from us with instructions to activate aka confirm your account. This e-mail will contain clear instructions on how to do so with the enclosed activation link and/or activatation codes.


You will not be able to access all content and/or sections of the website before your account has been fully activated.

How do categories work in the CMS?
By patvdv at 18 May 2008 - 22:10

Categories allow content to be tagged with a random number of identifiers (or 'terms' in taxonomy speak). These categories are presented as input fields at the top of the page during the submission of content. Content types in the CMS (such as blogs, pages, web links etc) may have one or more categories defined. Available categories can also be different between content types.


The Baanboard CMS has been configured with 4 categories (or in taxonomy speak 'vocabularies') by default:

  • Knowledge/Type
  • Organization/Source
  • Language
  • Product/Service

The Knowledge/Type & Language categories are set up with a pre-defined list of selectable values. These will be presented as drop-down lists when you add your content to the CMS. On the other hand the Organization/Source & Product/Service will present contributors with a free-form input field. This will allow contributors to enter terms that may not have been available before. These free-form input fields support AJAX-based field completion so that already available values will be displayed as you type in your term.


Note that some content types may be defined with mandatory categories. In that case you must enter a value for that category before you can submit your content.Such mandatory categories are indicated by a *

What happened to the donation system?
By patvdv at 18 May 2008 - 21:42

The previous donation system has been removed due to a lack of interest. If you really do want to support the site then you can best do by contributing content such as maintaining a blog, answering forum questions etc.

How does the commenting system work?
By patvdv at 18 May 2008 - 21:40

The Baanboard CMS supports a system of adding comments to a set of the available content types. By default these comments will be logged as forum posts into the appropriate sub-forum of the CMS - Forum Integration forum group. For each of the following content types a corresponding forum thread will be opened automatically at creation time:

  • blogs
  • (book) pages
  • polls
  • stories
  • web links

Forum posts added as comment will also be shown on the corresponding CMS page and vice versa. In each case, these discussions are one and the same thing, they are just being displayed in multiple locations for convenience.


Members can add new comments and/or reply to existing comments in both locations, i.e. in the forum thread or at the CMS.

How can I search for resumes/CV or potential job seekers?
By patvdv at 18 May 2008 - 17:01

If you are a recruiter and would like to search for resumes and/or professionals which are looking for a new job, then you will have a number of options:


  1. Use the Site Search (and Advanced Search) feature to look for keywords that have been posted as part of member resumes. Note that the content of attached resumes in document format will not be indexed by the search engine and will hence not show up in your search query results.
  2. If job seekers apply to any of your existing job postings via the Apply for this job feature, then you will be able to track these application in your own Job applications screen, see My Baanboard > My Job Applications.

Note that for any of the above options to work, you need to be a registered user on the baanboard site.

How do I post my resume/Curriculum Vitae?
By patvdv at 18 May 2008 - 16:37

In order to be able to post resumes (CV) you need to be a registered user. Note that resumes can no longer posted in the forum as before!


Registed users may post one or more resumes for themselves using the menu option My Baanboard > Contribute/Post > Resume. Enter the required details via the on screen form and attach your full resume in document format if necessary. Please set the Availability of your resume to 'Yes' to indicate that you are available for a new position.


If you wish to indicate that you are no longer available for new job offers then please do either of the following:

  • set the Availability to 'No' in your resume details
  • delete resume posting (Edit your resume, then use Delete to remove it completely)

You can track your posted resume(s) via the menu option My Baanboard > My Resumes.


Note that there is currently no way to make your resume private (i.e. for your eyes only) unless you completely remove your resume.



How do I post a job opening or vacancy?
By patvdv at 18 May 2008 - 16:27

In order to be able to post job openings or vacancies you need to be a registered user. Note that jobs can no longer posted in the forum as before!


Registed users may post jobs using the menu option My Baanboard > Contribute/Post > Job. Enter the required details via the on screen form and attach your job description in document format if necessary. If you set your Job Availability to 'Yes' then your job will show up on the main Job listing page.


If you wish to indicate that your job opening is no longer available or that the position has been filled then please do either of the following:

  • set the Job Availability to 'No' in the job details
  • delete job posting (Edit your job, then use Delete to remove it completely)


You can track your job postings via the menu option My Baanboard > My Jobs.

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