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How big is your Baan-DB (just Data AND Indexes)
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By rajeshkrsaini at 26 May 2009 - 17:52

Dear All ,

We are facing the Problem of Corrupt Inventory in few of the item .

Whenever we issue the item Message "Corrupt Inventory " comes

Anybody has resolve this problem

Thanks in advance





Planning selection method - Top Down and Bottom Up.
By mnarayan at 22 Apr 2009 - 11:32

What is the difference between the Top Down and the bottom up planning in order planning

Thanks in anticipation.

ESSENTIAL Spreadsheet Server for Baan and ERP LN
By tony cregg at 16 Mar 2009 - 22:18

ESS logoESS is pleased to announce that it is has signed Merino Services Limited (MSL) as a partner for the marketing of ESSENTIAL SPREADSHEET SERVER FOR BAAN and ERP LN throughout India. ESSENTIAL SPREADSHEET SERVER FOR BAAN is a Microsoft Excel Add-on that allows for Financial Reporting directly from Baan and Infor ERP LN with the added ability to drill down to the underlying data.


Rishi Bansal, Vice President- Global Business, MSL said “this is a fantastic tool, which strengthen MSL’s portfolio of Add On for Baan / ERP LN. Tool can help the BAAN/ ERP LN customer achieve more from the investments they have made in their Enterprise Systems. It is very simple to use and allows the user to access live financial data within Excel which can bring tremendous data analysis capabilities to the finance users in the organization, we are sure this product will be a great success with Indian customers”.


MSL signs Gokak Textiles Limited as customer to implement ERP LN
By rishibansal at 5 Mar 2009 - 06:09

On 25th Feb 2009, MSL signed Gokak Textiles Limited (GTL) as customer. GTL is presently using Infor Baan IV c4 and as part of the consulting assignment MSL shall be migrating GTL from Infor Baan IV c4 to Infor ERP LN 6.1, implementing additional functionalities available in Infor ERP LN which can be of business benefit to GTL, implementation of Infor Workflow and Infor Corporate Performance Management (Cognos).

MSL will also be developing a Textile Industry Specific on Infor ERP LN for GTL which shall be able to meet their textile specific manufacturing requirements. As part of the consulting assignment MSL shall be doing implementation across various Line of Businesses of GTL – Spinning, Dyeing Mill, Weaving, Knitting etc. Expected completion time for the project is 7 months. As a true Partner-2-Progress, MSL is also going to provide following value added services to GTL to ensure success of Enterprise Solution Initiative:

Item is manufactured but don' t want creat production order and need to inventories of manufactured item
By dinesh.patel at 21 Feb 2009 - 12:09
Actual we have customized item manufacturing PCS scenario. Suppose: A is made up of B and C. B is Phantom item. B is made up of D and E. D is manufacturing item. D is made up of F and G. Fand G is also a manufacturing item. This is the structure of my BOM. Now my F and G is manufactured by subcontractor. But i dont want to create a production order  of item F and G. and i need  item F and G in stock after subcontracting work completed beacuse item F and G is  to be issued against the Production order of item D. please help on this part.

Merino Services Limited announced as Exclusive Partner for NAZDAQ in India
By rishibansal at 12 Dec 2008 - 12:38

Merino Services LogoMerino Services Limited announced as Exclusive Partner for NAZDAQ in India  08 December 2008, New Delhi NAZDAQ today announced Merino Services Limited (MSL) as its exclusive reseller and Implementation partner for India.  

NAZDAQ is a provider of Add-ons for Baan and Infor ERP LN. The NAZDAQ tools provide a great return on investment and enable E-mailing, faxing, archiving, printing documents like Purchase Orders and Invoices, and allow an easy way to convert reports to Excel, Word, PDF HTML and XML. Other solutions cover areas of document management, reporting and notification.


The NAZDAQ tools are installed at hundreds of servers in more than 50 countries. They are used daily by users to automate transfer of Baan reports into front-office applications as well as automating business processes. Please visit for more details.

LN training
By ln_training at 29 Sep 2008 - 10:16

Hi All

ERP LN training is starting at Merino Services, New Delhi, India.

For further queries please contact info at merinoservices dot com


I see a shortage of Baan skilled resources currently
By chakri_b at 17 Sep 2008 - 23:45
Yes, This is because of no public training
27% (35 votes)
Yes, This is because of better opportunities with other ERP's
50% (65 votes)
Yes, ERP, in general, is boring and is not challenging
2% (2 votes)
Yes, Baan skills dont pay so much any more
12% (15 votes)
No, There is a great availablity of resources available in the market
10% (13 votes)
Total votes: 130

How to delete message : "post to main item inventory" when posting qty in tisfc0130m000
By bebykmk at 1 Sep 2008 - 04:05


Need help on how to delete message : "post to main item inventory" when posting qty in tisfc0130m000




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