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Merino Services - Infor Partner with most successful ERP LN track record now in US
By rishibansal at 5 Jun 2009 - 18:09

 This can be one of the most exciting news for the Infor ERP LN/ Baan community in United States. Merino Services Limited which is one of the strategic and most successful Infor Partners in Asia has now started its operations in United States. US subsidiary of MSL is Merino Consulting Services LLC.


Merino brings its experience with more the 50 Infor ERP LN and Baan customers to United States. Some of the key strengths and achievements of Merino are as follows:

OpenWorld Connector
By sipotis at 2 Apr 2009 - 09:10

Please can someonone point me to any documentation relating to Openworld Java Connector installation instructions.

I'm trying to determine what I need to get installed on our legacy HP-UX server to be able to communicate to Baan using openworld. Openworld has been installed on our Baan Server.

Apologies if this question has been asked before but I couldn't find an answer & thanks in advance.

MSL signs RCS-KIDE as customer to implement Baan IV c4
By rishibansal at 14 Mar 2009 - 08:59

Merino ServicesOn 12th March 2009, MSL signed RCS-KIDE India as customer. RCS-KIDE a subsidiary to KIDE Spain which is presently using Infor Baan IV c4 (SP7) in Spain. As an intention to be on a single Enterprise platform, RCS-KIDE has decided to implement Infor Baan IV c4 system in India.


RCS-KIDE as selected MSL a Parter-2-Progress as consulting partner for implementing Infor Baan IV c4. MSL objective is to implement Baan IV c4 (Sp18) with configuration similar to KIDE Spain implementation along with implementation of India localization and applying the customizations done in Spain. As a true Partner-2-Progress, MSL is also going to provide Post Go Live 1st Quarter closing in the system for RCS-KIDE as commitment of ensuring success. MSL consider RCS-KIDE win as an important milestone in its GO-Global strategy. KIDE relationship shall play an important role in making MSL a Partner-2-Progress for global Infor customers. 


Baan 5c Parameter Form Issue
By dheerendra_gosw at 25 Feb 2009 - 17:50


 I have initialize the parameters and now i am trying to open parameter sessions but its not opening, and i am not getting any error, can you give me any idea.

Product Baan 5c

Database : Oracle 9i


Dheerendra Goswami


Ledger Balance Trends/Movement in Excel Pivot table directly from Baan
By Hitesh Shah at 14 Jan 2009 - 18:31

According to many experts , MS Excel is omnipotent for analytical purposes . MS Excel Pivot table is versatile for all analytical and reporting purposes in Baan.


Ledger balance trends is a direct pivot table output from Baan . Functional description of the session generating this output and sample excel output are attached. The program use the ERPJEwels tool . Getting such analytical reports  in Excel takes lot of manual effort . Those who require such analytical reports directly from Baan in Excel pivot table, can contact us (mentioning their company name and baan version) for installation, training, consulting and add-ons like such reports  to us .


Those who do not use Excel / ERPJewesl too can use such add-ons  and integrate the same with their office versions. The numbers / ledgers / unit in the sample output are replaced with random numbers for valid reasons . If one sees , liabilities and income are positive whereas it should be negative and final grand total should be 0 .


I see a shortage of Baan skilled resources currently
By chakri_b at 17 Sep 2008 - 23:45
Yes, This is because of no public training
27% (35 votes)
Yes, This is because of better opportunities with other ERP's
50% (65 votes)
Yes, ERP, in general, is boring and is not challenging
2% (2 votes)
Yes, Baan skills dont pay so much any more
12% (15 votes)
No, There is a great availablity of resources available in the market
10% (13 votes)
Total votes: 130

Keep cool this summer with new versions and flavors of NAZDAQ products!
By bamnsour at 16 Jul 2008 - 13:42

NAZDAQNAZDAQ, the maker of Add-ons for Baan and ERP Ln is glad to announce a new campaign under the name "Keep cool this summer with new versions and flavors of NAZDAQ products!".


The new campaign announces the release of new versions for the popular utilities, used by Baan and ERP Ln customers in 50 countries, including a major release of B2Win 6.0 and Baan Hot Link 6.0, with smaller changes made to Baan Mail- Merge, B2Email Plus and B2Email Standard. The NAZDAQ offering includes a new product - Baan Query Tool - yet another great way to retrieve data from Baan.


For more information about these new releases, check and keep your users cool this summer.

By skiller at 29 Jun 2008 - 18:53

Hi Everybody,

 What is the role of AMS[Application Management Services] in Baan?

 What all areas the people should be expertise?

I think this will be easier to explain for the gurus.



Understanding the Enterprise Information System Technology
By patvdv at 8 Apr 2008 - 11:18

Tutorial at the Fourth IEEE International Baltic Workshop on Databases and Information Systems

May 2000, Vilnius (Lithuania)

by Gerd Wagner, April 25 2000




This tutorial has been reproduced on this site with the very kind permission of the original author Dr Gerd Wagner.


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