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Expanding text variables
By patvdv at 26 Feb 2008 - 21:57

Expanding text variables

Variables or expressions that are included in text lines can be expanded or substituted for report purposes. You must set the variable lattr.textexpand=TRUE if you want this to happen. Expressions are internally evaluated by the function expr.compile().

Customers can use variables in texts. For example, "address", "city", "salary" and so on. Customers must be informed about these variables so that they can use them.


The following is the syntax for variables and expressions included in text lines:

$variable      or
${expression}  or   #{expression}

When the $ symbol if used, the text moves over to accommodate the expanded variable or expression. When the # symbol is used, the expanded variable or expression overwrites existing text.


The following is an example of text created by using the text manager. The text includes both variables and expressions that can be expanded/substituted for report purposes.

 To:     $surname $christian name        #date   , Ede
         $ZIP code  $city

 Dear $christian name:
 We have the pleasure of informing you that, as of $date, your salary has been
 raised by 5%. For you this implies a gross amount of
 ${edit( salary + ( salary * 0.05 ), "ZZZZ9,ZZ" )} per month.

                                 Kind regards,  $Mgr.

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