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Example of Java VM
By patvdv at 26 Feb 2008 - 21:57

Example of Java VM

Example of a custom implementation using the Java interfaces

Below is an example of a custom listener. The listener is installed from within the BaanERP program using the following program fragment (for clarity, all checks on return codes are omitted. This is not recommended in a real-life program!):

     long queue.fromJava
long queue.toJava
long ret

queue.fromJava =
queue.toJava =

| install a listener within baanERP; whenever a message arrives
| on the queue.fromJava, this program will receive a
| Note: listeners are optional, without a listener one will not
| be automatically informed about arriving buckets

ret = java.install.listener(queue.fromJava)

| install a listener at the Java side; whenever a message arrives
| on the queue.toJava the listener's onReceive() method will be
| called

ret = java.execute.static.method.async(
queue.fromJava, queue.toJava)

The Java listener implementation in this case will look like:

 package com.baan.baanvm.test;   // package name
import com.baan.baanvm.*; // import the interface definitions

/** Test class which installs a listener on a java queue created in
* BaanERP.

public class TestListener implements IQueueListener
private int m_queueFromERP;
private int m_queueToERP;
private static IBaanVM s_iBaanVm = new BaanVMImpl();

/** constructor of an instance of the listener */
public TestListener (int p_idIn, int p_idOut)
m_queueFromERP = p_idIn;
m_queueToERP = p_idOut;

/** Called by BaanERP (java.execute.static.method.async). Its
* main function is to install an instance of the listener on the
* queue, and to initialize all variables */
public static void installListener (int queueToERP,
int queueFromERP)

/* install an instance of the listener */
new QueuePinger(queueFrom4GL,queueTo4GL));
catch ( Exception e )
/* failed to install listener, log error message */
s_iBaanVm.logMessage(e.toString(), 0);

/** This listener method will be called whenever a new bucket
* appears on the m_queueFromERP queue */
public void onReceive(IBucket p_bucket)
if ( p_bucket != null )
/* we have received data, do something (using the
* IBucket interface to set and retrieve the
* contents) !

/* for this example, just bounce the bucket back */

/* place bucket on the queue m_queueToERP */
if ( (ret =
s_iBaanVm.putBucket(m_queueToERP,p_bucket)) < 0 )
/* failed to place bucket on queue to BaanERP*/
s_iBaanVm.logMessage("Failed to bounce bucket,
ret = " + ret, 0);
/* no bucket received, log a debug message */
s_iBaanVm.logMessage("QueuePinger(" + m_queueFrom4GL
+ ") received: NULL bucket!!!", 0);

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