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Enumerate and set constants
By patvdv at 26 Feb 2008 - 21:56

Enumerate and set constants

In the data dictionary you can define database table fields and domains of type enumerate or set.

An enumerate or set domain consists of a number of constants. In the program script (and other places in the data dictionary), a symbolic name is used. The symbolic name is the domain name, followed by a period [.] followed by the name of the constant. Variables of type set can also consist of a combination of set values.

Examples of enumerate constants

       DOMAIN color box_color   | color is an enumerate domain
| with two constants, green and red

box_color =
box_color =

Examples of set constants

       DOMAIN feature cf                         | feature is a domain of type set with
| the constants bold, reverse, underlined
cf = feature.bold
cf = cf + feature.reverse | add constant, cf contains
| bold and reverse
cf = cf - feature.bold | subtract constant
etol( cf ) | returns the combined number of the
| current value, here reverse.

For working with sets, see also the bit functions.

A special constant of type enumerate or set is EMPTY. This indicates an empty set or an enumerate which is not defined. Internally, it has the value 0.

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