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Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
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Manual into new VRC
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By patvdv at 26 Feb 2008 - 21:56


When declaring temporary variables for storing values of database fields, you can use normal variables of type long, double, or string. But this can cause problems if the length or type of the table field has been changed in the data dictionary. It is preferable to use domain declarations for storing the value of a database table field. When you use a domain declaration, the type and length for the declared variable are read from the data dictionary.

Variables of type enumerate or set must always be declared with a domain declaration.

It is also possible to declare an array by using a domain. In that case the number of elements must be set between the brackets, the length of the elements is embedded in the data dictionary.


The following examples illustrate various domain declarations, and the declaration of the same variables without domains.

DOMAIN declarations

 DOMAIN tst_str10   tmp_str,            | String of length 10
              tmp_str_arr(100)              | 100 strings of length 10
 DOMAIN tst_long    tmp_lng1,           | A long number
              tmp_lng2,                     | Another long number
              tmp_lng_matr(5,2)           | A matrix 5 x 2
 DOMAIN tst_double    tmp_dbl,          | A floating point
              tmp_dbl_arr(100)            | 100 floating points

STRING declarations

 #define         LENG            10
 STRING  tmp_str(LENG),                  | String of length 10
         tmp_str_arr(LENG*10,10)         | 10 strings of length 100

LONG declarations

 LONG tmp_lng1,                  | A long number
      tmp_lng2,                  | Another long number
      tmp_lng_matr(5,2)          | A matrix 5 x 2

DOUBLE declarations

 #define         MAXLEN=1000
 DOUBLE          tmp_dbl,                        | A floating point
                 tmp_dbl_array(MAXLEN/10)        | MAXLEN/10 floating points

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