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Companies and Users
By patvdv at 19 Feb 2008 - 22:51

BaanERP companies are defined by company number, name, currency, and a package combination that associates a specific database schema with the company.


Figure 1: Users and Developers:



A BaanERP user is defined by a BaanERP login name that must be associated with an operating system login. The most important attributes of a BaanERP user are: package combination, default company number, and startup menu. In order to allow one person to work with different BaanERP package combinations, multiple user accounts can be associated with one operating system login name.


Every BaanERP user is classified as either a 'normal user' or a 'super user'. A super user has unrestricted access to all sessions, all tables, and all companies with her package combination. In the case of a normal user, the authorizations for sessions, companies and tables have to be explicitly defined by assigning roles and authorization templates.


A user can also be classified as a BaanERP developer who is authorized to customize user interface components, sessions, and tables. A developer has a current PVRC that defines her default programming environment, that is the package version whose components she can customize.


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