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Infor ION - Middleware Tool
By coservesolution at 22 Sep 2015 - 11:06

Infor ION - Middleware Tool

Ever since Infor announced the general availability of ION,the buzz is going around the Infor circles and there are questions on what ION is, is it a BI tool, can ION be a standalone product without any ERP installation etc


This article tries to clarify these questions


What is ION?


Consider an example where an enterprise is run on multiple IT solutions, say core ERP, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Asset management solution (EAM), financial budgeting systems, time and expense management and some custom built solutions. Note all these IT solutions may not be supplied by Infor.

Say the systems will create purchase requisitions, expenses and expect to get approved, get notifications on approval/rejection,notifications on equipment maintenance, business partner pricing updates etc.Even though various ERP modules are seamlessly integrated, it would take time to share the information real-time as the users have to log-in to the respective applications, query the data to know the status and then act on the information.

 Imagine you have a single-sign on solution which will create the notifications, send to your
colleagues/managers, give you feedback on their actions so that you can collaborate within your enterprise in social media look-alike interface. Don’t you think the decision making power of your organization is improved tremendously? This is what you get the benefit if you deploy and configure ION.

ION stands for “Intelligent Open Network”, it is a new generation of business middleware that is light weight, technically easy to implement, and built on open standards. ION integrates Infor, non Infor and home-grown IT products.

Being an Infor product, connectivity between Infor application landscapes is possible in matter of few minutes. this is great isn’t it? This is very much true when we talk about Infor application landscape communication via standard Business Object Documents (BODs).


Why ION?


  • Cleanup your custom and point to point integrations
  • Move to standard Infor supported interoperability
  • Improve your data reliability
  • Integrate with Infor and non-Infor apps
  • Cloud usage

ION effectively enables you to organize your information, act on the information and follow or monitor the information. Infor has adapted the social platforms for real time data operation, alerts and has intuitive user interface. All the data that will be traversed will be through a secure business vault, without compromising on data security. In an enterprise, data security should always be given top priority, and Infor has done it very well. This approach will reduce a lot of ETL process, normally involved in integration and you can move on to Real Time.


Highlights of ION middleware

  • Easy to Install, configure and activate
  • Works for Infor Apps, Infor Cloud and Non-Infor apps as well
  • Business process monitoring on demand
  • Runs business work flows
  • Store data in Secure vault

Most (if not all) of the middle-ware products will just serve connectivity needs, but again for reporting, event management, and routing the business flow you will need to rely on other products. This can be avoided with ION Suite. ION takes a single touch point approach.

Below picture shows ION components




ION service Suite includes ION Pulse which manages and follows the information, ION workflow for automated document routing and approvals across multiple infor/non-infor applications, Event Management for automated task monitoring and pro-active alerting of any exceptions, ION Connect for communication and secure sharing of data across on-premise and cloud applications and a intuitive browser based interface used for configuring and monitoring the ION services.




Integration with ERP LN 




ION Availability


Infor has bundled the ION services in three different SKUs

  1. ION –  CONNECT ( ION-Connect, ION-Desk and Infor connectors )
  2. ION –  CONNECT 3P ( ION-Connect, ION Desk, IO BOX Connectors for 3rd party apps)
  3. ION –  PROCESS ( ION Connect, ION Desk, ION Workflow, ION Event Management an PULSE)

ION Server-based pricing is based on CPU-Cores. The pricing is based on the effective used / assigned cpu-cores and not per the physical number of cpu-cores present on the hardware.

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