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Missing LOT in Baan V
By cute_kanku at 22 Jan 2014 - 17:10
Hi Friends,

I need one help in Baan V, For creating Inbound advice for a PO, with subject to condition is Item is Lot controlled & Warehouse is Location Controlled.

As per system when advice gets generated for the first time, system will put all the Receipt Qty from "Receipt" location to "Inspection" (Goods Inspection only), during this advice I am creating one LOT suppose LOT "A".

When I am doing Put Away, system should place the required Receipt Qty from "Inspection" location to "Bulk" location, Here the issue comes, It completed this advice but without LOT "A".

How come system is not stopping the User or not giving any error, when the same advice is getting completed without LOT (at the time of advice from Inspection to Bulk location). After this Transaction gets completed, But Inventory tables becomes destroyed.

Here I want you to suggest a Solution or any other way, to stop this, If advice is getting generated from "Inspection" location to "Bulk" location, it should get completed with that LOT. It should throw Error.

Thanks in advance.. Its bit urgent, So Quick response is highly appreciated.
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