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Afs for Outbound Lines at warehouse order not working...
By patwanirav at 25 Jul 2013 - 13:09

I am getting error when i am inserting outbound lines for the warehouse order through AFS.

while stpapi.insert is executed it gives me message item field is not filled, but when i see the value of item in debug it shows there. The code which i had written is as under.

    stpapi.put.field("whinh2100m000","whinh200.oorg", str$(oorg))
    stpapi.put.field("whinh2100m000","whinh200.orno", str$(orno))
    stpapi.put.field("whinh2100m000","whinh200.oset", str$(oset))
    ret = stpapi.find("whinh2100m000", err.msg)
    if isspace(err.msg) then
        ret = stpapi.mark("whinh2100m000", err.msg)
        stpapi.form.command("whinh2100m000", 5, "to.outbound.lines", err.msg)
        ret = stpapi.synchronize.dialog("whinh2120m000", "add", err.msg)
        if isspace(err.msg) then
            stpapi.put.field("whinh2120m000","whinh220.item", str$(item))
            stpapi.put.field("whinh2120m000","whinh220.clot", str$(clot))
            stpapi.put.field("whinh2120m000","whinh220.qoro", str$(qoro))
            stpapi.put.field("whinh2120m000","whinh220.orun", str$(orun))
            ret = stpapi.insert("whinh2120m000", 1, err.msg)
            if isspace(err.msg) and ret = 1 then
                message("Error : %s", err.msg)
                ret = stpapi.recover("whinh2120m000",err.msg)
            message("Error : %s", err.msg)        
        message("Error : %s", err.msg)        

 Kindy help me pls ....

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by vamsi_gujjula on July 26, 2013 - 10:24am
vamsi_gujjula's picture
stpapi.put.field("whltc1100s000","whltc100.item.segment.1", item.seg1)
stpapi.put.field("whltc1100s000","whltc100.item.segment.2", item.seg2)

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