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ESS delivering more from your ERP systems
By tony cregg at 1 Sep 2012 - 14:16

There are over 50 million Microsoft® Excel users worldwide – odds are that your organisation is one of them, and with our help you can enhance your BAAN/Infor Ln reporting experience.
Our intuitive tools use Microsoft® Excel's familiar interface to allow users to access 'live' data throughout the organization, all while maintaining the ability to drill down to supporting details:


General Ledger| Integration | User Authorisations | Debtor/Creditor Analysis | Projects | Migration


….and much more!



Contact us today and book a demo to see how you can join some of our recent successful implementations where customers have automated their BAAN/Infor Ln reporting in Excel:

"As part of our migration from BAAN V to Ln, which also covers 2 different databases (DB2 & SQL Server), we chose E-Dash because it is a tool that enables you to automatically transfer data from your ERP systems directly into Excel. The user can easily combine data from different sources and use the multiple functionality of filters, charts, pivot tables that are not possible within normal ERP reporting.”
Sortimat Technology GmbH – BAAN V & Infor Ln


“As a controller, I always believed that we could obtain real value from the information in our BAAN ERP system - we just needed the right tool.
Now that we are using Spreadsheet Server I don’t have to struggle with month-end reporting anymore and analysing our financial information has never been easier!”

Amphenol Jaybeam – BAAN IV


“Previously, we spent too much time generating reports from ERP Ln and formatting data in Excel
– now we simply open up our spreadsheet, change the period and we automatically update our Financial Analysis for the new month!
It has only taken a few days to completely transform our Financial Reporting, and the pay-back has been immediate.”

Wavin Ireland – ERP Ln



Press Release - Baanboard Sep 2012.docx21.99 KB
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