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Merino Services - Infor Partner with most successful ERP LN track record now in US
By rishibansal at 5 Jun 2009 - 18:09

 This can be one of the most exciting news for the Infor ERP LN/ Baan community in United States. Merino Services Limited which is one of the strategic and most successful Infor Partners in Asia has now started its operations in United States. US subsidiary of MSL is Merino Consulting Services LLC.


Merino brings its experience with more the 50 Infor ERP LN and Baan customers to United States. Some of the key strengths and achievements of Merino are as follows:

  1. Many successful and referable customers on Infor ERP LN spread across various industry verticals ( Hi Tech Electronics, Industrial Equipment and Machinery, Automotive, Metal Fabrication, Projects, General Discrete Manufacturing and Textile)
  2. Most of the Infor ERP LN Customers managed by Merino are using more than 80% of Infor ERP LN functionalities applicable to them.
  3. Salvaged many struggling implementations of Infor ERP LN as well as Baan IV implementations.
  4. Supporting global customers like HP, Alcoa, KIDE, Sanden, TATA etc on Infor ERP LN and Baan
  5. Only Infor Education and Certification partner for Infor ERP LN in Asia. Providing Public and Corporate Training on Infor ERP LN / Baan and running certification tests on behalf of Infor to produce “Infor Certified ERP LN Consultants”.
  6. Pre Configured solutions available on Infor ERP LN for
    • Automotive Trier 1 / Tier2 suppliers (Forging).
    • Bus Body Building
    • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing
    • Modular Furniture
    • Laminates and Plywood
    • Textiles
  7. Following services available for customers in US
    • Implementation of Infor ERP LN / Baan ( End to End or modules)
    • Health Check of present Infor ERP LN / Baan implementations and suggesting road map.
    • Training and Education
    • Application Management Services ( with SLA commitments with On site / Off Site/ Off shore delivery model)
    • Customizations and Development
    • Implementation on Add On Solutions like
      • Infor Work Flow
      • Infor Corporate Performance Management
      • Infor EAM
      • Reporting tools like BIRT View

Being an Infor ERP LN/ Baan customer we are sure you shall be keen to know more on making the application more successful for your organization and to get better Return on your Investments on the application.

To know more about Merino please visit of for your specific enquiries please write at


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by baan_cap on June 9, 2009 - 4:03am
Congrats and Wish You All the Best.


by abattoir on June 10, 2009 - 1:27pm
This indeed is a great news for baan,Infor Community

by dheerendra_gosw on June 16, 2009 - 7:43am
Great news for Baan ...


by Shyamb on July 2, 2009 - 11:45am
Hi Baan Members,
It is really a great news for BaaN and MSL. It will definetly give strength to BaaN Community

by bamnsour on July 3, 2009 - 9:30am
bamnsour's picture
Hi Rishi - Best Wishes for your success. It is a pleasure working with you.

Kind Regads

- Bader

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