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Merino Services migrates Paharpur Cooling towers to Infor ERP LN FP2 with 100% Historic Data
By rishibansal at 29 May 2009 - 19:57

It gives Merino Services an immense pleasure to announce that Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited (PCTL) has gone line on Infor ERP LN FP2. PCLT selected Merino as Partner-2-Progress to migrate them from Infor ERP LN SP0 to Infor ERP LN FP2. PCTL management formed a dedicated team headed by Mr. Vineet Rohtagi (General Manager- Business Development) and supported by Mr KK Mishra, After going through long discussions and meetings PCTL has awarded the project to MSL in month of December, 2008. 



Historic Achievement: MSL has Migrated 100% historical data (More than 400 GB) from Infor Ln SP0 to Ln FP 2 which has been first time ever in history. 


Key Challenges:

  • The Entire task was hovering around migration of entire transaction data from ERP LN Sp0 to FP2 Version.
  • The volume of the historical data to be migrated to the new version was approx. 400 GB with 3 open financial years.
  • More than 100 Tables have been introduced and 4000 Fields in between ERP Ln Sp0 & FP2 India version. The effected numbers of tables were around 250. Data set was to be prepared and populated.
  • Mapping of existing Data with the changed functionality of LN Localization.
  • PCTL was having around 50 critical Customizations which were also to be retrofitted and migrated. 

Duration:  It has been a journey incomparable and it took MSL 3 months of time to achieve the desired result.Voice of Customer “It is our pleasure to announce that we have gone Live on Fp2 with India Localization from 25th April 2009. This project was especially challenging as we had to take the historical transaction data from Sp0 with Java Localization into Fp2. Merino Services Limited was our Implementation Partner for this migration project. With its team of consultants, Merino could deliver the end-to-end solution working in conjunction with our in-house key user group. We wish to record our appreciation for their efforts and wish them all the best in their future endeavors” – K K ishra , Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited.


About Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited

Paharpur Cooling Towers is one of the prominent name in the engineering and production of Industrial Cooling Towers. In a world of water shortage and an increasing awareness of water problems, Paharpur has grown from a small lumber saw mill to one of the largest cooling tower manufacturers in the world. Major industries such as electricity generating, petroleum refining, chemical processing, sugar, air-conditioning and refrigeration, steel and so on use a vast assortment of cooling towers and air cooled heat exchangers. Whether you wish to cool the centralized air-conditioning plant of your building, dissipate heat from your processing plant or cool the water in your industrial complex, we at Paharpur are at your service.  Products:- The broad spectrum of products ranges from small factory assembled units through large concrete towers which require construction on site, air cooled heat exchangers and air cooled condensers. Growing concern over environmental compatibilty, closer evaluation of energy costs, and the shifting availability of basic materials require continuous research and development to match customer requirements with the best materials and design techniques. The industry is never static : it is constantly responding to external pressures that place the emphasis of the period on critical evaluation of one design area or another. This has led to the design and installation of mechanical draught towers in fibreglass, steel, wood and concrete with wood, plastic and concrete fill options and the development of hyperbolic natural draught towers.


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