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Scheduling and drafting email for Baan Report / Excel Analysis
By Hitesh Shah at 28 May 2009 - 15:05

Scheduling emails of Analyses and Reports in Baan


It’s very important to be able to schedule the reports / analyses in Baan and email the same to the user in a meaningfully crafted message. This enables system to PUSH the intelligence and rather than requiring users to PULL the same.

Scheduling for Unequal periods and numeric periods

In Baan, Job management is the instrument of task / process scheduling. The same can be useful for scheduling report also. However there are following problems.


  1. Session date parameters with unequal number of days in a period (like quarter, month etc) , can not be handled  well as the Baan job scheduler does not take into account  period inequality.
  2. Further the job scheduler also does not take into account numeric non-date type time indicators like year / period / weekno.


Both these are well handled in ERPJewels. Form more information, one may refer push intelligence

Scheduling Reports

If one is to schedule Reports (windows bwprint bpf or ASCII file output), further there is also challenge to

  1. Compose an email with meaningful body and subject (with data from session and system variables )  and
  2. Send the same to the identified people using either OS or client mail agent.


Here is a session in Baan (Email parameters– tudll8100m000)  which lets user identify and specify the Baan Job (the report of which has to be emailed) . For more information on the same , please c the attached doc with session screen shots .


Scheduling Excel Analysis in ERPJewels

At times it is needed to send the excel analysis coming out of baan report or table to a user. In such a case, user has to follow the following steps besides the ones indicated in push intelligence .

  1. Create message body text in based on table (tudll9140m000) or Analysis based on report (tudll9160m000) for the analysis which is to be emailed.
  2. Specify the email recipients in Excel sheet attributes (tudll9154m000) after zooming from Analyis based on table (tudll9140m000) or Analysis based on report (tudll9160m000) for the analysis which is to be emailed
  3. In the outlook client have the dll  from redemption or mapilabs to do outlook automation without asking question .


When the analysis is run in job the email will be sent to users automatically.


Analysis / Report Scheduling considerations

  Scheduling considerations should be like 1)      What is the periodicity.- monthly2)      Is the period different / unequal OR Numeric non-date. If yes, in that case baan job management does not work proper. And u may need tudll9166m000.3)      Do u need to send an email of report. U may need tudll8100m000. 4)      Sequence of job should always be like --> a)       Change period offset if applicable tudll9166m000 b)       Run the relevant session c)      Send the email tudll8100m000. 5)      Since tudll9166m000 and tudll8100m000 are based on job data of the report printing session only, u need to create the main job first with a gap of 1. And job creation in report printing session is the first step.

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