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BaanIVc4/Oracle 10g/Migration issues
By jsbrouse at 8 May 2009 - 19:11

We recently migrated our Baan IVc4 system from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10g and upgraded to porting set 6.1c.07.21 on a HP-UX 11:31 system.


We are having problems with 3 customized sessions we developed for processing records from an external system.  The sessions poll external table (Baan views) and process records to try and make Baan real time. The problems we are experiencing didn’t happen prior to the migration.  Nothing with the sessions changed for the migration.


Only one session actually errors (see below).  Our DBA said this error isn’t an Oracle 10g error.  We did have our programmer put the session in debug to figure out where the problem is happening.  It is happening on a simple select statement.


2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: ******* S T A R T of Error message *******
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: Log message called from /view/port.6.1c.07.21/vobs/tt/servers/ORACLE_2/ora_native.c: #2190 keyword: Oracle Error
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: Pid 15805 Uid 2922 Euid 2922 Gid 2000 Egid 2000
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: user_type N language 2 user_name polling tty ote locale ISO88591/NULL
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: Errno 0 bdb_errno 110 (End of file reached)
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling:2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: dbs_errno = 0, Error 4106 occurred:
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: Error ORA-3106 occurred during multi_fetch.
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling:2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: Error BDB-4106 returned.
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: Multi fetch failed: error 4106.
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: See fatal SQL statement in '/u02001/ap-baanusp1/bse/log/log.ora.sql'.
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: Flushed at /view/port.6.1c.07.21/vobs/tt/servers/ORACLE_2/ora_cursor.c : #670.
2009-05-08[12:58:52]:E:polling: ******* E N D of Error message *******


The other two sessions do not error.  When they hang, I have found that they don’t even have to be processing a record to hang.  The sessions are scheduled to poll the table and then sleep for 5 minutes.  We used to have this setup for 1 minute.  When we changed it to 5 mins, the sessions don’t seem to hang as often in a day.  


We have also been having performance problems during the same time frame.  The performance issues haven’t been as bad, so the issues may not be related.  


Any suggestions to try?  Has anyone experienced problems like this with Oracle 10g or this porting set?

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by chuguangan on May 12, 2009 - 6:25am
is there any other log information?

by Kozure Ohashi on May 12, 2009 - 11:28am
Kozure Ohashi's picture
ORA 3106:

This link could be helpful:

Slow session time:
Maybe you have to update your statistics.

One known limitation with Oracle 10g (
ORA-1445: ANSI joins may fail. Can occur for ANSI join queries with large views / subqueries.
Max. 6 joins are allowed
Max. number of fields in the querry (exact value unknown).
Solution: Update to a higher version.



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