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ESSENTIAL Spreadsheet Server for Baan and ERP LN
By tony cregg at 16 Mar 2009 - 22:18

ESS logoESS is pleased to announce that it is has signed Merino Services Limited (MSL) as a partner for the marketing of ESSENTIAL SPREADSHEET SERVER FOR BAAN and ERP LN throughout India. ESSENTIAL SPREADSHEET SERVER FOR BAAN is a Microsoft Excel Add-on that allows for Financial Reporting directly from Baan and Infor ERP LN with the added ability to drill down to the underlying data.


Rishi Bansal, Vice President- Global Business, MSL said “this is a fantastic tool, which strengthen MSL’s portfolio of Add On for Baan / ERP LN. Tool can help the BAAN/ ERP LN customer achieve more from the investments they have made in their Enterprise Systems. It is very simple to use and allows the user to access live financial data within Excel which can bring tremendous data analysis capabilities to the finance users in the organization, we are sure this product will be a great success with Indian customers”.


“MSL has a major presence in India and their broad range of commercial and technical knowledge will provide a solid base for launching our product into this new exciting market”, noted Tony Cregg, Business Development Manager for ESS. “I know that our product is simple to use – that’s one of its strengths, but I have already been impressed by how quickly the MSL team have picked up the ball and I am confident that this will be very successful partnership for both our organisations” For further information e-mail:


About Merino: Merino Services Limited (MSL) is a business consulting organization providing value-added services as a Partner-to-Progress with our esteemed customers and business associates. MSL specializes in designing and implementation of various business solutions for customers.

As Partners-2-Progress to any customer, MSL believe in a long term relationship. So, MSL go the extra mile to ensure our customers get the expected business benefits from the investment made in various business solutions. It is MSL’s passion that drives it to consistently deliver value added Business Consulting services to its customers through technology led initiatives. Being one of the largest Infor Services Partner, Channel Partner and Education partner MSL is serving more than 40 customers spread across India and Internationally.

About ESS:
All Finance departments face growing pressure from more demanding reporting requirements, increasing the burden on both the users and their financial systems. As finance professionals who have experienced this issue first-hand, we at ESS are committed to developing solutions, written in a language that all finance users will understand and which will make their lives easier. Remember, getting the best from your financial systems isn't just important - it's ESSential! For further information:

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