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Baan Administrator contract position
By Tim Fuglei at 17 Jun 2008 - 22:26
About the recruiter
Contact Name: 
Tim Fuglei
Contact Method: 
Contact Details:

About the position
Employment Type: 
Start Date & Duration: 
17 June 2008
Business Analyst
Baan 4c4 SP15
Manufacturing and processing
About the location
United States
About the applicant

RSA Companies, Inc. is currently seeking a strong Baan resource to assist our client in the Denver, CO area for the next 6-12 months with a variety of maintenance activities.  Details are as follows:


System Specifications

·         24 * 7 availability of servers required.

·         2 Baan servers (application and database) existing to support US and international operations.

·         OS – Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition SP2

·         Database – SQL2000 Sp4

·         Replication Database used to pull specific table information from Baan to the replication database to be used for reporting

·         Baan Version – Baan 4c4 SP15

·         Porting Set – 6.1c.07.04 PA.2540

·         Company Setup – Multi finance Multi Logistic ( although one company is being used for both logistics and finance right now, there is no multisite)

·         Current VRC uses Standard (b40cstnd for PMC updates) and production (b40cprod for client customizations). Need to update this to include a testing and dev VRC for more controlled updates and testing.

·         Testing for patching and other purposes in done on a different test box which will eventually be replaced by a comparable environment to live.

·         Custom Applications built around Baan4c4 as a replacement in certain areas.

o        Sales Order Entry – front end uses ASP .net/sql calls. Backend is a Baan session scheduled to run in batch times to process the information to Baan and update the tables and data.

o        Shipping Queue (generate outbound)– front end uses ASP .net/sql calls. Backend is a Baan session scheduled to run in batch times to process the information to Baan and update the tables and data.

o        Custom Reports to pull information from Baan and display to end user using ASP.

o        Minor customizations in the areas of Distribution and Manufacturing. CLIENT doesn’t have source code for these customizations. Done by 3rd party at the time of implementation.

o        Extensive use of Engineering Data Management module and some customizations there to validate the Change control Process through password setups.

o        Custom Sessions written to handle Bar-coded Labels for Product/Lot and PO numbers. We use Bartender Label printer for making the label templates and print them via a Baan session.

·         Scan guns used extensively on the production floor and warehouse. (Receiving, transfers, adjustments, Release and Pack slip functions). Software used is Bridge2Barcode from Bridgelogix Inc. Customized Function servers written to handle these operations via the use of the Distributed Data Collection (DDC) servers from Baan4c4 for Client by Bridgelogix. Annual support and maintenance contract signed with them for this.

·         Baan EDI messages used to communicate to outside customers for POs, Shipping notices and Invoicing. Older system Gentran from Sterling Commerce used for this purpose. We are in the process of using Microsoft BizTalk server used for translation of messages. Messages pulled and pushed by our portal provider GHX.

·         PrintBoss is the Check Printing Software for accounting checks. Provider is Wellspring Software

·         Baan Company information

o        100 – production live company

o        150 – subscription company

o        203 – archive company (information is archived until Dec 2004 here)

·         Baan Job Daemon used extensively to take care of everyday maintenance processes such as posting of transactions, Invoicing, Recalculation of Customer and Supplier balances and Generation of Planning messages for Pos and Production Orders.

·         User Roles and Authorizations done through Dynamic Enterprise Modeler (DEM) and custom built User Authorization Request application to handle new and updates to existing user profiles.

Maintenance Requirements

The following are the tasks that may be necessary to complete during business hours or maintenance periods:

·         Administer help desk tickets – Mostly technical or Baan tools related ( setting up users + DEM, devices, database auditing, clearing record locks, monitoring jobs and proactively restarting them, Month-end and year end processes to be run)

·         Analyze current Baan Application configuration and provide suggestions for changes (clustering, maintaining different Baan environments for different business units, updates to Windows OS and database updates, Virtualization and the possibilities of this with Baan4c4).

·         Service Pack Updates and patching (involves installation, implementation, testing and validations with help of functional users).

·         Assisting with barcode, scan gun and EDI related issues.

·         Monitoring and maintenance of custom sessions and supported applications that work off the Baan system and the Baan database (examples such as FedEx tracking, customer and supplier information summary, warranty tracking, EDHR).

·         Assist with report generation and functional questions about Baan application (finance, distribution, manufacturing, EDI). First Tier support on “How to” questions in Baan.

·         Assist with internal auditing requirements; work with other developers and IT personnel to generate custom reports out of Baan based on auditor requirements.

·         SOX support – auditing of financial information, auditing of mandatory tables, clean up of logs, license monitoring and proactive cleanup of inactive users.

·         Tuning and Optimization on application and database level (application performance boosters, database tuning according to Infor recommendations, weekly/monthly health check of system, clearing out temp folders)

·         Archiving data from a yearly process (financially driven) and also from a maintenance point of view (first free number maintenance).

·         Documentation of changes to the system both application level and tools changes.

If you feel like a fit and would like to learn more, please forward your resume to

by baanerpky on June 21, 2008 - 5:43pm
I know some of the things in Maintenance Requirements you posted. Do you have any entry level Corp to Corp position for BaaN Administration?

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