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vBulletin 3.x features
By patvdv at 3 Feb 2008 - 04:49

To the user interface



  • Quick registration system...username, password, email and any required custom fields and timezone
  • Pop-up auto-refreshing buddylist with ICQ-style alerts when
    new buddies come online. You'll find a link in the temp buttons top
    right in the nav bar.
  • Show the title of the last posted to thread for each forum on index.php
  • Subscription to Threads/Forum without receiving e-mails
  • Favorite threads - you don't get email from these either.
  • User rating - Karma
  • User ranking
  • Password break-in watches -- too many failed attempts warning with a preset wait after too many failures.
  • Threaded view
  • Password protected forums
  • Similar threads display
  • Send an email "thanks for registering and welcome to .." on user registration (welcome email)
  • Validity check for homepages
  • Search engine friendly archive of open forums
  • Happy b'day emails
  • Much improved calander system (too many changes to mention)
  • hit counter on announcements
  • Digests: new posts/threads in selected forums daily/weekly/monthly
  • "excerpt of message:" are now in the new reply email notifications
  • 'report post to mod' sends anonymous copy to the original poster of the message
  • Restyled FAQ section now looks similar to a forum



  • WYSIWYG Editor for major text input fields (IE 5.5+Only)
  • Minimum number of characters in post
  • Insert smilie/vB code where cursor is (IE 5+ Only)
  • Preview on edit
  • Ability to add attachment when editing a post instead of just when creating
  • Reason for editing
  • Reason for deleting(for admins and mods)


User CP - Profile

  • User Pictures - user can upload a personal picture. This picture is shown in the profile of the user.
  • Completely revamped PM system (currently in work)
  • Longer signature field with optional limit



  • Get daily for just one category
  • Search only in subscribed forums
  • A list of ignored words or words used in a search are added to the results page
  • Option to find only started by 'username'
  • Display matching forums in results
  • Support for searching custom profile fields
  • Search for exact username (e.g. turn off wildcards)



  • Option for users to see who voted for which option (public vote)
  • When you vote your name is highlighted when viewing results
  • Poll results ordered by most to less voted
  • Ability to post a poll AFTER a thread had started


To the admin interface



  • New admin cp front end
  • Language Manager and vB Language packs (in work)
  • Context sensitive help
  • Improved attachment system. Statistics, Attachment types
    editing. Ability to delete old attachments. Ability to limit users to X
    number of bytes in total attachments. Option to "expire" attachments in
  • New FAQ System
  • User ranking and karma admin
  • New settings manager
  • Help topics manager for the context sensitive help
  • vBCode descriptions in the "What are vBCodes" link are now
    the actual descriptions in the database. No more editing the template.
  • Add options to pick which groups appear on the memberlist, birthdays, etc
  • Categories for Avatars and Smilies
  • Ability to restrict "view new" to certain forums and groups of forums.
  • Admins are exempt from the custom avatar post limit
  • A "forum" can be just a link to something or somewhere else
  • New merge/split/delete posts system
  • A more complete set of subscription options for daily/weekly/on new posts updates, for forum, thread and board.



  • Admin can run REPAIR and OPTIMIZE on tables as a group or singularly (using mysql 3.23+)
  • An SQL box in the admin section for executing general queries
  • vBcron system
  • Diagnostic tests for testing system compatibility and settings


User administration

  • Admin editing of User's Avatar is more user friendly.
  • Additional user profile fields - you can now add profile
    fields which can have either a single line text box, multi line text
    box, single selection radio buttons, single selection menu, multiple
    selection menu, or multiple selection checkboxs.
  • Add user option in the admin CP to change the user's referrer
  • Allow users to change usergroups automatically based on postcount
  • Option to merge user accounts
  • Search members based on custom profile field
  • Email members based on custom profile field
  • User notes -- A field for the admin to keep notes on the user
  • Admin can designate moderators who can themselves set forum passwords.
  • Place user under moderation
  • Extended Moderator Activity Logging
  • Add usergroup with permissions initially set as set for another group
  • Improved email address ban
  • Signature length control
  • Resend for registration confirmation emails



  • Completely revamped Style system
  • You can place $post[postcount] in your postbit template to see each posts position in the thread
  • Conditionals in templates. Also called vB Conditionals,
    these are "if" "then" "else" statements built directly into the
    templates. This gives the admin/designer improved flexibility in
    creating dynamic design


To the programming



  • Autoselect forumid for search when clicking search button on toplinks from the forum.
  • Todays birthdays to not always refresh the cached template when someone submits a profile.
  • Improved post storage to reduce resource usage when showing threads.
  • Use gmdate() and NOT date()
  • All bbcode/smilies are stripped from posts BEFORE indexpost()
  • Quoted text excluded from search.
  • Associate searchid with userid so people can't insert searchid's and get results they're not supposed to see
  • Who's Online code is moved to a function so that it can be
    used to figure out a single user's location, to be used in the user's
    profile and other places if need be
  • Meta tags -- forum descriptions (and keywords?) are added to the Meta tags for each forum page
  • Infinite parenting system for templates/replacements
  • Attachment images (.gif,.jpg,,etc) are no longer in the database.
  • Search system is improved with regards to speed. Even faster now!
  • No more "nosessionhash" setting.
  • No more use cookies setting
  • MD5 password by javascript before it is sent to the server
  • A second phpinclude template to be executed at the same time
    as dooutput() - to allow manipulation of elements already generated by
    the page
  • An API for posting functions (newreply, newthread, newpoll, editpost)
  • An option to have thread views updated hourly rather than immediately
  • Improved bbcode parser
  • An option for allowing a regex option to be specified for a custom profile field
  • Moved banned email addresses out of the settings
  • Remove check for attachments from mass-prune



  • Back to Top link at bottom of page
  • "Want to register?" and "Forgotten your password?" before user/pass form fields, for using tab
  • All user info cells are combined into one template



  • Hitting the back button no longer necessary when you have too many images
  • Option to save cookie on this computer when logging in
  • Login/logout ability in all pages, with user/pass form -- single login system
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