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jstachy's blog
Opening Balance
By jstachy at 8 May 2014 - 04:57

Dear Experts,

 I have a problem where the transaction for the period is not added into the opening balance of the following period. For example;

Finalized Transaction for 2013 12-12 = 241.59, and the Closing Balance=2399.36. 

Therefore, Opening Balance for 2014 01 = 2399.36. Somehow, it shows amount = 2158.07, which is not adding the Finalized Transaction for period 12 2013. 

For additional info, we had performed Year end Closing last month for year 2012. Please help. Thanks.

tdpur4100m900 (Purchase line screen) is not loading
By jstachy at 8 Jun 2012 - 04:57

 Hai Experts,

 I am new in Infor LN. I need your help. When I copy the Live Date to Test Company, I cannot open the Purchase Order - Lines screen. I got this error msg:

  Process 8 - Fatal Error: Can not continue in tdpur4100m900 in DLL:otcmcsdll0160 (tcmcs.dll0160.calc.line.totals)[last function:sql.break]

 Does the setting here related? (100 is Live DAta, 400 is my Test DAta)

Enterprise Unit (tgbrg0530m000):

Financial Company=100. Logistic Company=400.


How to rectify this? Desperately need help as I need to simulate some PO activities. *Sigh!*

Thanks all.



Reconciliation Data
By jstachy at 16 Nov 2011 - 01:12

Hai Experts,

When I run the report FI-Reconciliation Data by Business Object, there are amount in the Total Difference, which I understand it should NOT have any difference. Can anyone explain what and how to rectify the difference? Thank you.

DBA User
By jstachy at 23 Sep 2011 - 09:34

I am very new in BAAN LN. I have one major problem. I need to know how to create a Database Administrator. Now I only have access to the system as Installation User, but none of os know the DBA user and password after the guy left(crazy one).This is because, I can't change any of the User's role and database permission without the DBA password. Another things is, can any one can explain or screen shot how the customization look like in BAAN? I think our version here is only the Client environment which does not allow programming..(and crapp again). Our version is LN6.1


Thanks guys.


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