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sriaguna's blog
Sales order linking with production order
By sriaguna at 16 May 2012 - 12:15


 I need a small clarification.

 In the sales order type i have enabled the allow production order.After creating a sales order, using the session "genreate production order" i have created produciton order.

Link has been establised in the tdsls402 table.

Now, i have few issue.

 * If customer is changing the order qty , if i change the SO  qty the system will change the production order qty.

 * For one sales order postion is there any way where i can create two multiple prod orders.

 * If i delete the sales order the production order will get deleted.

Basically, i want to have a link between sales order and production. So, when i am making any changes in the sales order or production order, the depeneded informtaion should get changed.

 Is there any way where LN can handle this scenario.

 Kindly suggest.

 Thanks & Regds


Item type " LIST " not able to make receipts for return sales order
By sriaguna at 18 Jan 2011 - 08:29

Hi ;

 We are facing an issue when make receipts for return sales order for the item type " LIST " ie KIT item.

 The error showing as " Cost of goods sold cannot be determined for the sales order .. " during confirming the receipts. 

 There is no cost involved for KIT item, when issuing we are not facing any problem. But problem comes during receipts.

 Kindly help to over come this issue.



warehouse receipts for Transfer manual
By sriaguna at 11 Oct 2010 - 07:36


 I have a small issue while transfering the stock from one warehouse to another warehouse through transfer manual.

All the out bound steps are completed, but while making inbound receipts has been made , but while confirming the reciepts getting the error as below

 confirm receipt line 12334 / 10

Consumption amount for original order (warehouse transfer manul 10001) cannot be determined.

 Kindly help to clarify this issue.

 thanks & regds



Rejected inventory need to bring in the Inspection location
By sriaguna at 30 Aug 2010 - 13:31


First of all the item is a serialized item. We have done the receipts and few units got reject and currently lying in the Rejection location. Now some of the units got rectified and we need to bring in the inspection location and approve to convert the units in the good inventory.

 But when we process the qty in the rejected inventory session , we are getting the error as "Manufacture part no. is required in purchase actual receipts".

 Please let me know how to overcome this issue.


thanks & regds



Put away activity
By sriaguna at 25 Aug 2010 - 09:14

Hi All;

 Is there any options to find which user has done the put away activity.

 Can someone help from which table we can find the user who has done the putaway activity.

 Thanks & Regds

G.Arun Kumar

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