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Originally Posted by SujithKumar View Post
Few weeks ago i was in touch with Ehab regarding B2Diz and he sent me links to B2dIZ.
Looks like this is bit simpler. Can you send me this one as well ?
b2Diz is an addon for b2Win and b2Mail-Merge products. Using it you can make new designs (fonts, color, formats, move the text around and more) and then apply the design in those products so that they can be converted to PDF and launch the PDF/email/fax/archive...

As I know you Ehab sent you b2Win, you can try the b2Diz in it. Let us know if you need any help there. Haven't you tried it? Maybe a live demo on our system can help you out?

Here, in this thread, I made a small package, just to show how you can easily design your reports with b2Diz, so that users would see how good it is.
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