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Comic for March 25, 2019

Dilbert - March 26, 2019 - 12:59am
Categories: Geek

GoFundMe Bans Anti-Vaccine Campaigns

Slashdot - 57 min 6 sec ago
Categories: Geek, Opinion

Report: Nintendo planning two new Switch models

Ars Technica - 1 hour 31 min ago


Nintendo has plans to release two new models of the Nintendo Switch "as early as this summer," according to a Wall Street Journal report citing "parts suppliers and software developers for Nintendo."

One model would be a higher-end system with enhanced hardware akin to the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, though not as powerful as either, according to the report. The other would be a "cheaper option" intended to replace the aging Nintendo DS, whose sales have finally started to collapse.

This cheaper Switch would reportedly cut costs by losing features such as controller vibration. That's a move which would render portions of games such as 1-2-Switch and Super Mario Party unplayable, but Nintendo "judged the new Switch models won't need the vibration feature because there wouldn't be many games released using the full benefit of it," according to a quoted supplier.

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Britons get 'bad deal' from broadband giants

BBC Technology News - 1 hour 48 min ago
Slow speeds and poor value for money top lists of complaints about big UK broadband providers.

Automation could replace 1.5 million jobs, says ONS

BBC Technology News - 1 hour 50 min ago
In England, the jobs of women, the young and part-time workers are most at risk from automation.

For just the fourth time, a tropical cyclone forms in the Southern Atlantic

Ars Technica - 2 hours 8 min ago

Enlarge / NOAA satellite image of Tropical Storm Iba off the Brazil coast on Monday morning. (credit: Tropical Tidbits)

Only three tropical cyclones are known to have formed in the Southern Atlantic Ocean, the most recent of which was Tropical Storm Anita in 2010.

On Sunday, Brazilian meteorologists began tracking a new tropical storm, Iba, that has formed off the country's southeast coast. According to the Brazilian Navy Hydrographic Center, the storm formed maximum winds of 40mph and a central pressure 1008 millibars. Present estimates suggest it has intensified to 50mph, but it is not expected to directly threaten land.

Although Iba is not all that far from the Brazilian coast, atmospheric steering currents will pick up the storm and carry it to the south and then southwest by Tuesday or Wednesday. Once over the Southern Atlantic Ocean, cooler waters and unfavorable winds should act to dissipate the storm. Over the next day or so, it should come nearest to Brazilian towns Caravelas and Vitoria.

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