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As a Customer What would do to keep your ERP Implementation intact
Proactively define Business Process-- Take the Project Ownership
Handover everything to System Integrator from drawing BP till implementation of ERP
Hire more inhouse skilled & capable IT Resource to work directly with SI
Rely on SI Architects/Consultants
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Comic for July 04, 2020

Dilbert - 3 hours 25 min ago
Categories: Geek

After a second stage failure, Rocket Lab loses seven satellites

Ars Technica - 4 hours 24 min ago

Enlarge / The Pics Or It Didn't Happen mission lifts off. (credit: Rocket Lab)

On Sunday morning, local time in New Zealand, Rocket Lab launched its 13th mission. The booster's first stage performed normally, but just as the second stage neared an altitude of 200km, something went wrong and the vehicle was lost.

In the immediate aftermath of the failure, the company did not provide any additional information about the problem that occurred with the second stage.

"We lost the flight late into the mission," said Peter Beck, the company's founder and chief executive, on Twitter. "I am incredibly sorry that we failed to deliver our customers satellites today. Rest assured we will find the issue, correct it and be back on the pad soon."

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Coronavirus: Why Singapore turned to wearable contact-tracing tech

BBC Technology News - 4 hours 24 min ago
The TraceTogether Token is designed to make an app more effective, but worries privacy campaigners.

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