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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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The new Gmail has arrived: Expiring messages, smart nudges and more - CNET - News - 9 hours 19 min ago
Self-destructing email, smart nudges, offline storage and more new features are on the way for both G Suite and personal Gmail users.

Say farewell to Virgin America - CNET - News - 9 hours 26 min ago
Virgin America's last flight marks the completion of its merger with Alaska Airlines.

Oracle snaffles 'don't seat us next to that smelly brand' Brit adtech firm Grapeshot

The Register - 9 hours 43 min ago
Acquisition for undisclosed sum latest in Big Red's foray into marketing

Oracle has bought a UK biz that claims to help firms avoid putting their ads next to dodgy images or content – just as the marketing tech industry faces increased scrutiny and uncertainty.…

Google's Gmail gets self-destruct option ahead of GDPR

BBC Technology News - 9 hours 47 min ago
Google adds security measures to minimise the risk of data-protection breaches in its mail service.

13 of our favorite convertibles for summer - Roadshow - News - 9 hours 51 min ago
Summer's almost here, and it's time to put the top down. Here are 13 of our favorite droptops for warm-weather days.

Software transformation for the rest of us: Check out the lineup of talks at our devops conference

The Register - 9 hours 57 min ago
Continuous Lifecycle puts real business at heart of the agenda

Event If you’re ever wondered whether traditional companies are at a disadvantage when it comes to exploiting the latest software development and deployment strategies, you should get yourself down to our Continuous Lifecycle London conference in three weeks' time.…

Google gun emoji becomes water pistol

BBC Technology News - 10 hours 18 min ago
Facebook is expected to follow suit after internet giant falls into line with most other major platforms.

Basis—the “stable” cryptocurrency with $133 million invested—explained

Ars Technica - 10 hours 36 min ago

Enlarge / A bollard. (credit: praveenkay / Flickr)

Last week, we learned that an impressive slate of Silicon Valley investors was pouring $133 million into Basis, a company that aims to create a cryptocurrency with a stable value against the dollar.

It's easy to see why investors would be excited about a project like this. If successful, it would provide all the benefits of conventional cryptocurrencies without the volatility that plagues bitcoin and its competitors today. Demand for such a cryptocurrency could easily outstrip demand for conventional cryptocurrency, since volatility is one of their big weaknesses.

But there's no guarantee that the Basis project will succeed. Lots of people have tried to create stablecoins in the past, with generally poor results.

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UK gov grilled over massive exposure to struggling outsourcer Capita

The Register - 10 hours 37 min ago
Think tank reckons public sector has over 1,000 contracts

The British government has received a grilling over its exposure to 1,000 plus Capita contracts, following a pre-tax loss of £515m reported by the outsourcing giant yesterday.…

Best mobile games of 2018 - CNET - News - 10 hours 51 min ago
Looking for a new game to play on your phone or tablet? Here are our picks of the best mobile games.

Galileo: UK plan to launch rival to EU sat-nav system

BBC Technology News - 10 hours 54 min ago
The UK is looking at its own sat-nav system if the EU locks it out of Galileo because of Brexit.

WhatsApp age limit rising to 16 in Europe - CNET - News - 11 hours 11 min ago
The rule change comes as new data privacy rules roll out in the EU next month.

$50 add-on can turn your mobe into a less misanthropic House MD

The Register - 11 hours 59 min ago
Gizmo ideal for diagnosing disease in remote areas

Researchers have come up with an optical gadget which, when attached to a smartphone, can check samples for 12 infectious diseases at once.…

This adjustable bed promises sleep nirvana - CNET - News - 12 hours 21 min ago
Put it this way: I nearly dozed off on the job trying it out.

The tech you're reading these words on – you have two Dundee uni boffins to thank for that

The Register - 12 hours 36 min ago
Spear and LeComber stumbled on the thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display 40 years ago

Every time you use a smartphone, glance at your smart watch, fire up a computer, watch TV or endure a PowerPoint presentation, you experience a little bit of Dundee.…

The AutoWok makes the perfect fried rice of my dreams - CNET - News - 12 hours 48 min ago
This industrial cooker is able to achieve the magical "wok hei" flavor that Chinese chefs rave about.

Recycling tech biz bosses get years for VAT fraud, money laundering

The Register - 13 hours 22 min ago
Didn't realise IT was only thing were supposed to refurbish

A dastardly duo running IT recycling businesses that pilfered nearly £145,000 in VAT and laundered cash for a gang of fraudsters face years behind bars, HMRC confirmed today.…

Bose QuietComfort 35 II vs. Sony WH-1000XM2 - CNET - News - 13 hours 33 min ago
The two top wireless noise-canceling headphones face off in this head-to-head comparison.

Russians poised to fire intercontinental ballistic missile... into space with Sentinel-3 sat on board

The Register - 13 hours 48 min ago
Ahhhahaha, had you going then

The European Space Agency (ESA) is all a-quiver at the prospect of the second Sentinel-3 satellite launch, due this evening atop a Russian Rockot launcher.…

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