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Manual into new VRC
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Facebook accused of job ad gender discrimination

BBC Technology News - 19 hours 15 min ago
Women in three US states were allegedly not shown job ads for certain "male-dominated professions".

Comic for September 18, 2018

Dilbert - 19 hours 28 min ago
Categories: Geek

ACLU accuses Facebook of running job ads that women can't see - CNET - News - 19 hours 32 min ago
Facebook says it's reviewing the complaint.

Trump pulls trigger in US-China tit-for-tat tariff tiff: 10% slapped on $200bn of imported kit

The Register - 19 hours 35 min ago
Yet it seems Tim Cook's kit is the Apple of the president's eye

US President Donald Trump has slapped 10 per cent import tariffs on US$200bn of gear arriving in America from China.…

Crashing your fancy new car could cost way more than you expect - Roadshow - News - 19 hours 52 min ago
Modern driver-assistance systems are becoming increasingly common, and they are forcing crash repair prices upward to new heights.

Judge: Georgia's e-vote machines are awful – but go ahead and use them

The Register - 19 hours 55 min ago
US court says no time to get paper ballots in place for November – eek!

A US judge has OK'd the use of paperless electronic voting machines in Georgia – despite being "gravely concerned" about the state's ability to defend them from hackers.…

Will we ever get self-healing smartphones?

BBC Technology News - 20 hours 3 min ago
How likely is it that we will see mobile phones that use self-healing materials any time soon?

Lawmakers pressure Google to share how YouTube collects, uses kids' data - CNET - News - 20 hours 6 min ago
Representatives worry the company's data collection practices may violate children's online privacy laws.

DNSSEC in a click: Cloudflare tries to crack uptake inertia

The Register - 20 hours 9 min ago
Meanwhile global key rollover is confirmed for October 11

Cloudflare is offering DNSSEC in a single click.…

'Wild West' Bitcoin 'should be regulated'

BBC Technology News - 20 hours 13 min ago
Digital currencies pose a "litany of risks" and investors have little protection, says an MPs' committee.

Aston Martin DBZ Centenary Collection celebrates Zagato's anniversary - Roadshow - News - 20 hours 27 min ago
The DB4 GT Zagato Continuation and DBS GT Zagato will be sold in pairs for $7.9 million.

Alexa goes audiophile: Why Amazon may finally be getting serious about audio - CNET - News - 20 hours 32 min ago
Commentary: A report says Amazon will announce an amp, a receiver and a sub with Alexa on board. Can the retail giant truly appeal to the audiophile?

Captain Marvel trailer shows off Carol Danvers, Blockbuster and the faux-hawk - CNET - News - 21 hours 1 min ago
And an old lady gets punched (but I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for that one).

US State Department confirms: Unclassified staff email boxes hacked

The Register - September 18, 2018 - 10:57pm
Pompeo's peeps get free credit monitoring after some inboxes cracked open, data swiped

The US State Department has confirmed one of its email systems was attacked, potentially exposing the personal information of some of its employees.…

Hackers behind Mirai botnet could be sentenced to working for the FBI - CNET - News - September 18, 2018 - 10:41pm
This comes after more than 18 months of already helping the FBI stop cyberattacks.

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