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iPhone XR hands-on: Colorful phones make a great first impression - CNET - News - October 22, 2018 - 1:30pm
We take an early look at what sets the iPhone XR apart from the XS.

Elon Musk tweets a date for the opening of his first Los Angeles tunnel

Ars Technica - October 22, 2018 - 1:20pm

Enlarge / An image of the Hawthorne test tunnel under construction. (credit: The Boring Company)

On Sunday night, Tesla, SpaceX, and Boring Company CEO Elon Musk tweeted "The first tunnel is almost done," adding that the tunnel will open December 10. "The first tunnel" refers to the initial tunnel that The Boring Company has been digging under the streets of Hawthorne.

Work began on that project around the start of 2017, when Musk moved excavation equipment into what was then SpaceX's tiny employee parking lot and began digging. Since then, Musk has purchased a boring machine to tunnel under the Los Angeles neighborhood with the hope of making modifications to the machinery that will allow tunnels to be dug more quickly.

According to The Boring Company website, the Hawthorne tunnel "leaves SpaceX property (parking lot east of Crenshaw Boulevard and south of 120th Street), turns west under 120th Street, and remains under 120th Street for up to 2-miles." Musk tweeted last night that pods in the tunnel will achieve a top speed of 155mph (250km/h). The CEO added that there will be an opening event on the evening of December 10 and free rides for the public on the following day.

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A look at 5G's most promising applications -- for now - CNET - News - October 22, 2018 - 1:00pm
There’s a lot of hype around 5G. CNET’s Ask Maggie offers a glimpse into some of the cool things it will enable — and why you should care.

In farm country, forget broadband. You might not have internet at all - CNET - News - October 22, 2018 - 1:00pm
5G is around the corner, yet pockets of America still can’t get basic internet access.

iPhone XS specs vs. XS Max, XR, X: What's new and different - CNET - News - October 22, 2018 - 1:00pm
See how Apple's new 2018 iPhones compare spec-by-spec with last year's iPhone X.

So, about that Google tax on Android makers in the EU – report pegs it at up to $40 per phone

The Register - October 22, 2018 - 12:50pm
Fee offset if Search and Chrome included alongside Play Store, of course

Google will charge Android smartphone makers wishing to include its Play Store as much as $40 in Europe, according to documents purportedly seen by The Verge.…

OnePlus 6T: Every detail and rumor so far - CNET - News - October 22, 2018 - 12:30pm
It'll definitely have an in-display fingerprint scanner -- and we know lots more.

Cops called after pair enter Canadian home and give it a good clean

The Register - October 22, 2018 - 12:21pm
Mounties remind residents to lock their doors

O Canada, great northern land of milk in bags, merciless winters, maple syrup and leaving your front door unlocked, at least according to firebrand filmmaker Michael Moore. However, Mounties have warned residents of Nova Scotia against the latter after two women entered a home uninvited – and cleaned it.…

Google Home Hub review—Awesome hardware for Google’s nascent smart display software

Ars Technica - October 22, 2018 - 12:00pm

Ron Amadeo

The latest entry to the Google Home ecosystem is called the Google Home Hub. The Home Hub marries a screen with the Google Assistant-powered voice command system, allowing users to call up recipes, utilize smart home controls, or watch YouTube videos.

We've seen this software before—there's presently a whole device category out there known as "Google Smart Displays." Just like with Android, Google makes the software, and a number of OEMs then load the software onto their devices. Google Smart Display devices have thus far been made by LG and JBL, and we did a full review of the Lenovo Smart Display. Unlike Android, Google currently has full control of the Smart Display software no matter who manufactures the hardware. This means every device pretty much has the exact same UI and capabilities, aside from the usual technology treadmill of new features exclusive to new devices.

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​Linus Torvalds is back in charge of Linux

ZDnet Blogs - October 22, 2018 - 11:45am
After a few weeks off to reconsider his role in the Linux community, Linus Torvalds is back in the saddle.
Categories: Opinion

​Linus Torvalds is back in charge of Linux

ZDnet News - October 22, 2018 - 11:45am
After a few weeks off to reconsider his role in the Linux community, Linus Torvalds is back in the saddle.

New York police body-worn cameras recalled after explosion

BBC Technology News - October 22, 2018 - 11:36am
Police in New York are told to stop using some body-worn cameras out of "an abundance of caution".

iPhone XR early presale demand and the next Apple event is almost here - CNET - News - October 22, 2018 - 11:30am
Which iPhone XR models are showing shipment delays and what we're expecting at Apple's next launch event. Catch up on all your iPhone news for the week.

Microsoft Azure looks to make cloud-native payments SWIFTer

The Register - October 22, 2018 - 11:29am
Financial messaging to get a bit more, er, agile

Microsoft and money-message flinger SWIFT have announced a proof of concept aimed at demonstrating that Azure could be a good fit for the financial network's infrastructure.…

Marvel's Daredevil season 3 big bad talks about donning the iconic white suit - CNET - News - October 22, 2018 - 10:36am
Actors Vincent D'Onofrio, Jay Ali and Wilson Bethel reveal the dangers of becoming Wilson Fisk's puppets in the Netflix show.

2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack review: Brash and better than ever - Roadshow - Reviews - October 22, 2018 - 10:00am
The boisterous muscle car already had a killer engine, and now it's got even more grip with which to exploit that power.

Alibaba pulls dust covers off its new London cloud presence

The Register - October 22, 2018 - 9:59am
Can Chinese cloudy crowd check rise of AWS?

Alibaba Cloud has launched in the UK, the Chinese cloud purveyor has declared, as it prepares to take on dominant player AWS and the other also-rans.…

Happy 60th birthday, video games. Thank William Higinbotham for your misspent evenings

The Register - October 22, 2018 - 9:15am
Tennis for Two prepares to collect its bus pass

The forerunner of today's video games celebrated its 60th birthday last week as the anniversary of William Higinbotham's Tennis for Two rolled around.…

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