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Updated: 57 min 33 sec ago

Sundance and tech: Like a trip into 'Black Mirror' - CNET

1 hour 15 min ago
The annual independent film fest brings together auteurs, glitzy celebs and some of the artiest tech and geekiest plot devices.

Selfie obsessives will rejoice at this dual front-facing camera phone - CNET

2 hours 7 min ago
With not one but two separate camera lenses stuck on the front, your selfies on the Vivo V5 Plus might be better than ever.

Amazon inspires 'oh shit' moment in the retail world - CNET

2 hours 12 min ago
The Amazon Go brick-and-mortar concept has spooked retailers looking to tech to get you back in their stores.

Now begins the @realDonaldTrump era - CNET

2 hours 12 min ago
Think Donald Trump is the first president to use new media to spread his message? Think again.

What does a Trump presidency mean for tech? - CNET

2 hours 12 min ago
Some say it might not be as bad you think. Others say Donald Trump's potential influence on the industry is "alarming."

HTC hopes $10m VR fund will help save the planet - CNET

2 hours 31 min ago
The $10m fund will be used to create content for the HTC Vive that showcases issues facing the planet.

Singapore's first ISS satellite can stay in orbit for twice as long as usual - CNET

4 hours 28 min ago
The Aoba Velox-III is equipped with special thrusters that let it remain in orbit for six months, double the normal length of time a satellite would be expected to last.

Zuckerberg offers peek at Facebook's acquisition strategies - CNET

7 hours 51 min ago
Facebook CEO says be a friend and have a shared vision, but scare them when you have to and move fast.

2016 was the hottest year on record. Sound familiar? - CNET

9 hours 15 min ago
For the third year in a row, global temperatures continued to rise, once again breaking the record.

Cassini snaps a tiny moon shaping Saturn's ring - CNET

9 hours 15 min ago
A little satellite can make big waves.

SpaceX captures stunning shot of Falcon 9 landing - CNET

10 hours 32 min ago
This magnificent photograph celebrates the seventh landing of a reusable rocket.

Diablo III mahjong is now a thing - CNET

11 hours 4 min ago
Blizzard's new merch merges a legend of board gaming with a legend of online gaming.

​Fire Emblem: Heroes headed to Android, iOS next month - CNET

11 hours 46 min ago
Nintendo officially announces its newest mobile game, and this time around, Android and iOS will get a simultaneous launch.

Netflix's global domination plans find a US fanbase - CNET

11 hours 50 min ago
The streaming service is finding that shows produced abroad catch on at home. It's one of the surprising nuggets that helped fuel a strong fourth quarter.

Super Mario Run jumps to Android in March - CNET

11 hours 51 min ago
The popular smartphone game hits Android devices three months after its iOS debut.

Go behind the scenes at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - CNET

13 hours 30 min ago
Discover the hidden secrets of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood in a new video.

Patrick Stewart to play Poop? The legend says 'make it so' - CNET

13 hours 30 min ago
The veteran of stage, screen, "Star Trek" and "X-Men" has been cast to voice the most notorious of all emojis. No, not the peach that looks like a butt.

Obama: Chelsea Manning 'served a tough prison sentence' - CNET

13 hours 42 min ago
The president tells reporters that he doesn't think commuting document-leaker Manning's sentence sends a message that the US will tolerate similar crimes.

ACLU accuses Facebook of racial bias in hate speech takedowns - CNET

13 hours 42 min ago
In an open letter, almost 80 advocacy groups say the social network needs to be more transparent about its censorship decisions.

Japan makes it easier to use its high-tech toilets - CNET

15 hours 12 min ago
Commentary: Some foreigners have been confused by signage on Japan's loos, which do far more than flush. So its sanitation industry comes up with standardized icons.

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