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Updated: 31 min 49 sec ago

Why Huawei's Google woes worry Africa

May 26, 2019 - 12:21am
Will Africa's governments and consumers have to choose between using US and Chinese technology?

Is the voice assistant on your phone sexist?

May 26, 2019 - 12:02am
BBC's Megha Mohan finds out why voice assistant technologies often have female voices.

Four times more data breaches logged in UK

May 25, 2019 - 3:36am
No companies have been fined in the first year of tough new data laws, despite a sharp rise in breaches.

Mona Lisa 'brought to life' with deepfake AI

May 24, 2019 - 12:25pm
Samsung makes a moving Mona Lisa from a single photo using AI technology.

Texting while crossing road may be banned, and other news

May 24, 2019 - 11:45am
BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at some the week's best technology stories.

Google thwarts Baltimore ransomware fightback

May 24, 2019 - 11:18am
City set up GMail accounts to thwart hackers but Google suspended them, fearing spammers were at work.

Lift off for SpaceX rocket carrying 60 satellites

May 24, 2019 - 7:52am
A Falcon-9 rocket launches from Florida, packed with 60 satellites capable of giving users on the ground high-speed connections to the internet.

SpaceX puts up 60 internet satellites

May 24, 2019 - 5:44am
The California firm launches the first spacecraft in its multi-billion-dollar broadband project.

Trump says Huawei could be part of trade deal

May 24, 2019 - 2:51am
Huawei could feature in a US-China trade pact despite being "very dangerous", says the US president.

Is Facebook undermining democracy in Africa?

May 24, 2019 - 12:20am
Critics say the social media giant has allowed its platform to be weaponised during elections on the continent.

Five tech trends shaping the beauty industry

May 24, 2019 - 12:08am
Five tech trends shaping the beauty industry

Facebook: Another three billion fake profiles culled

May 23, 2019 - 8:06pm
Mark Zuckerberg hits back at calls to break up Facebook, as it reveals it removed a record number of hateful posts.

Baltimore government held hostage by hackers' ransomware

May 23, 2019 - 8:03pm
The hack has disabled government email and payments to city departments, with no end in sight.

Huawei: China warns of investment blow to UK over 5G ban

May 23, 2019 - 4:04pm
A top Chinese diplomat tells the BBC there could be "substantial" repercussions if the UK bars Huawei.

DJI drones to come with plane detection

May 23, 2019 - 12:14pm
From January, new DJI drones will be able to detect nearby planes and helicopters.

Nintendo removes mobile games in Belgium

May 23, 2019 - 12:11pm
The two titles break local gambling laws that prohibit giving players random rewards in "loot boxes".

Huawei: ARM memo tells staff to stop working with China’s tech giant

May 22, 2019 - 8:57pm
Chinese company is dealt an "insurmountable" blow as chip designer says it must comply with US trade ban.

Amazon heads off facial recognition rebellion

May 22, 2019 - 6:44pm
A group of investors had sought to stop the firm providing its Rekognition system to police.

Google's Ad Exchange faces privacy probe by Irish regulator

May 22, 2019 - 6:35pm
The Irish Data Protection Commission will look into whether Google's Ad Exchange system is GDPR-compliant.

Apple to warn iPhone users about update impact

May 22, 2019 - 2:45pm
The tech giant must tell customers if a software update will slow down their iPhone, UK regulator has said.

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