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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
Total votes: 43

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Biting the hand that feeds IT
Updated: 56 min 11 sec ago

Swiss sausage sizzler 4.0 hits 200 bangers per hour

1 hour 9 min ago
Crunchy charcoal fingers with raw meaty innards to be a thing of the past

With a bank holiday looming (in the UK and US at least) thoughts are turning to barbecues and the traditional burning-of-the-meat.…

Forward-slash flash: OG upstart Pure Storage shows off fresh models

1 hour 41 min ago
//X and pals on show in San Fran

Nine-year-old flash firm Pure Storage flung out a slew of products to ward off legacy and newbie rivals at its Accelerate event in San Francisco, including – as you'd expect – faster, denser and cheaper arrays.…

High Court to rule whether 4.5m Brit iPhone fanbois can sue Google over cookies

2 hours 10 min ago
A tale of lawyer-funding venture capitalists and Mountain View

A former director of consumer rights group Which is trying to extract “somewhere between £1bn and £3bn” from Google on behalf of 4.38 million Brits over the naughty placement of advertising cookies.…'s use of black box algorithms to decide stuff needs watching

4 hours 1 min ago
PS: Don't forget to try to cash in on public data – MPs

Increased use of algorithms in decision-making risks disproportionately affecting certain groups, MPs have said, urging the government to boost transparency and tackle bias - but not forget the value of public data.…

Finally: Historic Eudora email code goes open source

4 hours 48 min ago
'Member that innocent, pre-Zuckerberg time?

The source code to the Eudora email client is being released by the Computer History Museum, after five years of discussion with the IP owner, Qualcomm.…

AI servers will need much more memory. And you know who's going to be there? Yep, big daddy Micron

5 hours 19 min ago
The one whose name doesn't rhyme with schmintel

Analysis Micron has started to separate from Intel in NAND production, just days after whipping the veil off its 7.68TB QLC SSD, and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra and pals are keen to chat up analysts about their vision of the coming "New Micron".…

UK chancellor puts finger in air, promises 15 MEELLION full fibre connections by 2025

5 hours 43 min ago
Goal to be achieved not with government cash, but 'market conditions'

The UK's chief purse-strings-puller Philip Hammond has pledged 15 million premises will receive full-fibre broadband by 2025, in an apparent bid to boost Britain's fortunes post-Brexit.…

Boffins: Michael Jackson's tilt was a criminally smooth trick

6 hours 12 min ago
30 years on, King of Pop's dance moves no longer flummox academic world

New research from India into Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" tilt has concluded that, yes, it is physically impossible and dancers should really stop trying to recreate it because Achilles tendon and spinal injuries are not fun.…

'Clive, help us,' say empty-handed ZX Spectrum reboot buyers

6 hours 55 min ago
Will legendary Brit inventor step in to save the day?

Customers of Retro Computers ltd, the ZX Spectrum themed reboot firm, have now set up a website asking Sir Clive Sinclair to intervene in the non-delivery debacle.…

Machine learning for dummies: You needn't go back to uni to use it

7 hours 38 min ago
AI is no longer just an academic exercise – and courses need to wise up to that

Artificial intelligence and its sub-domains look set to be the next major growth area for software developers, programmers, hackers and just about anyone who has anything to do with software.…

DXC chopping MORE customer-facing service staff

8 hours 6 min ago
Automation and offshoring to replace weak humans in the West

Frankenfirm DXC Technologies is again looking for hard-pressed front-end customer support teamsters that are willing to leave with a redundancy cheque, according to an internal document.…

HTC U12+: Like a Pixel without the pratfalls, or eye-watering price tag

8 hours 29 min ago
Google may have gobbled its talent but, yes, it's clinging on

Hands On It may be news to you that HTC is still with us, but the fact it's here is good news for phone buyers. HTC's only flagship smartphone of 2018 looks like a sensibly priced alternative to the Pixel and Galaxy, without the eccentricities and flaws of the Huawei P20 Pro.…

Astroboffins, get in here and explain Saturn's odd-shaped balls

9 hours 41 min ago
Well, technically speaking, the gas giant's ring system takes regular hard poundings

A trio of physicists reckoned they’ve figured out why some of Saturn’s moons are so oddly shaped, with some looking like giant floating ravioli and others imitating stubby baguettes.…

Zuckerberg gets a night off: Much-hyped Euro grilling was all smoke, absolutely no heat

10 hours 40 min ago
For European Union politicos, question time is all about the Qs, no As

Analysis The European stop on Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook apology tour on Tuesday amounted to little more than a live read-out of Facebook’s well-rehearsed platitudes and tired PR lines.…

FBI's flawed phone tally blamed on programming error. 7,800 unbreakable mobes? Er, um...

11 hours 45 min ago
We meant 1,000. Maybe 2,000

The FBI apparently gilded the lily in its long campaign against consumer cryptography, telling the world it held more locked phones than it did.…

Big bimmer bummer: Bavaria's BMW buggies battered by bad bugs

12 hours 37 min ago
How much to hack a flash motor? Ask Tencent

A security audit conducted by Tencent's Keen Security Lab on BMW cars has given the luxury automaker a handy crop of bugs to fix – including a backdoor in infotainment units fitted since 2012.…

Google listens to New Zealand just long enough to ignore it

14 hours 33 min ago
'We can't delete court cases, and you can't make us'

New Zealand courts are asking Google to take down content associated with current criminal proceedings, to the usual and resounding “No” from the Chocolate Factory.…

Grilled over failed DoE project, Turnbull's Transformers turn turtle

14 hours 45 min ago
Senator's 'what are you doing?' a tough question to answer

Australia's Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) appears unable to explain its involvement in a failed AU$20m Department of Education IT project that was cancelled last week.…

ACCC grabs pliers, extracts AU$1.5 million from Optus

15 hours 44 min ago
Carrier misled customers over NBN, Federal Court finds

Already out-of-pocket by way of customer compensation, Optus has been hit with an AU$1.5 million fine from the Federal Court over its National Broadband Network transition processes.…

HPE: Hell yeah, those job cuts worked out great… for our investors

16 hours 10 min ago
'Next' push pads bottom line with revenue boost

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise is crediting the success of its Next corporate remake – as in, who should we fire Next – in helping it top expectations in its latest financial quarter.…

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