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Linux 4.11 Delayed For a Week

Slashdot - 16 min 44 sec ago
Categories: Geek, Opinion

ZTE Max XL Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET - Reviews - 1 hour 31 min ago
The Max XL features Android Nougat and is available prepaid on Boost and Virgin.

IDG Contributor Network: When will science create ethical robots? - Opinion - 1 hour 31 min ago

Your bed isn’t able to move between rooms automatically with only a wireless phone request. Your toaster can’t make a bottle of water. Your garage door doesn’t wash itself. The bed, the toaster and the garage door each perform a specific function well — the function we need — nothing more nothing less.

But, what if on Monday your bed sensed that you should be at the gym at 9 a.m. and vibrated to force you to get up. Then the toaster didn’t turn on because it decided that you didn’t need those extra carbs in the bagel. It was helping you. And maybe you had been doing a lot of traveling, and the garage door knew that the ergonomics of traveling too much would be bad for your spine, so it didn’t open when you got in your car. Welcome to the intelligence world of smart A.I.

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Categories: Opinion

IDG Contributor Network: AI is about to open the door to a new role for CIOs: Explorer - Opinion - 1 hour 31 min ago

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into businesses is no longer new. Task automation and chatbots are rapidly becoming the norm, cropping up across industries seeking increased efficiencies. But AI’s potential extends far beyond menial tasks, and companies are now looking to leverage AI in a way that yields a competitive edge.

That’s where the CIO can come in as a coach to the rest of the company, an explorer of AI and its possibilities. The CIO, much more than just the IT leader they were considered to be in years past, today faces an open frontier of opportunities and emerging technology to help drive transformation. In most companies, it is the CIO who is the decision-maker tasked with equipping the enterprise to both drive and deflect digital disruption. She or he is often the chief digital advocate, the chief problem-solver and the chief innovator.

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Categories: Opinion

6 things to look for in a cloud consultant - Opinion - 1 hour 44 min ago

We all know personal hygiene habits that we’re supposed to have, but probably don’t practice consistently (did you really floss three times yesterday?).  And there are social behaviors that we really look out for – and probably even judge people on. But when it comes to IT habits, most organizations don’t seem be screening consultants for key behaviors and policies.

This is not a good state of affairs because IT habits and internal policies make a material difference to the likelihood of project success. 

The short list of policy issues below should be part of any screening criteria for cloud consultants, in general, and Salesforce consultants, in particular.  Now, it’s not essential that a consultant comply with every item on the checklist below, but wherever policies diverge from these, it’s an opportunity to engage in a healthy conversation … before you sign.  If they have solid reasoning for a different policy, you should know it, but if it’s a case of “we’re too lazy to do that every time,” you should know that, too.

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Categories: Opinion

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