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Huawei Honor 6X review - CNET - Reviews - 1 hour 11 min ago
This seriously budget phone has dual cameras and a fast, accurate fingerprint reader right where I want it. Unfortunately, that's about the best it can offer.

FCC chairman to announce plans to repeal net neutrality - News - 1 hour 35 min ago

The chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is expected to announce plans to repeal the agency's 2015 net neutrality rules on Wednesday.

Chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican, will likely announce a plan to reverse course on the 2-year-old regulations and end the agency's classification of broadband as a regulated, common-carrier service. In a Wednesday speech, Pai will reportedly announce that he is scheduling a vote for the FCC's May 18 meeting to begin the process of repealing the rules.

Pai has called the net neutrality rules a mistake that "injected tremendous uncertainty into the broadband market." President Donald Trump, who appointed Pai as the FCC's chairman, has also criticized the regulations.

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Categories: Opinion

IDG Contributor Network: Why bi-modal IT doesn't really work - Opinion - 1 hour 50 min ago

On paper, bi-modal IT may make sense. But this practice is not my reality. Transforming IT is a team sport and dividing teams into “old & slow vs. new & fast” does more harm than good. The fact is IT has to chew gum and walk at the same time. 

According to analysts, “Bimodal IT is the practice of managing two separate, coherent modes of IT delivery, one focused on stability and the other on agility. Mode 1 is traditional and sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy. Mode 2 is exploratory and nonlinear, emphasizing agility and speed.”

Tell me. Who wants to be on the Mode 1 team?  

The real challenge is enabling innovation across IT, at the application level, and within the infrastructure, for a solution that is agile and can respond with security that is built-in to accelerate the pace of innovation. Bi-modal IT assumes that IT’s abilities – reliability, scalability and availability – cannot function alongside newer dynamic developments and practices.

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Categories: Opinion

IDG Contributor Network: What would a woman in tech do about the gender gap? - Opinion - 1 hour 54 min ago

The tech industry has done a lot of soul- and talent-searching in recent years to try and improve upon its dismal track record of hiring and promoting women.

According to a McKinsey & Co. study, “only 37% of workers in entry-level positions are female... and women make up only 19% of tech senior vice presidents and 15% of CEOs.” Finding like those have many of the male-dominated boards and leadership teams at tech companies asking, “What should we do?”

My answer? Let’s ask the women of the tech world. Clearly, women CIOs, CTOs and chief digital officers (CDO) who have made it to the top have some valuable insight into reaching the IT industry’s highest levels as a woman. But would they each share similar insights and tips, or would their experiences and ideas vary widely? To find out, I posed this simple question to women IT leaders from around the globe:

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Categories: Opinion

2017 Subaru Impreza review - Roadshow - Reviews - 2 hours 14 min ago
The latest Impreza gets new underpinnings for tighter handling, but the Starlink infotainment system could use some work.

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