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Star Trek: Short Treks on CBS All Access to start this fall - CNET - News - 1 hour 22 min ago
Discovery's Harry Mudd, Saru and Tilly will star in Star Trek short films set to delve into their backstories.

Amazon’s Echo devices get redesign on the way to world domination - CNET - News - 1 hour 26 min ago
Alexa-powered microwave and wall clocks were just the tip of the Alexa iceberg today.

Ralph Breaks the Internet tackles modern online life - CNET - News - 1 hour 26 min ago
Ralph and Vanellope head to the big (internet) city.

Amazon Echo event: Pictures from Seattle - CNET - News - 1 hour 28 min ago
Amazon is announcing new products in Seattle. Here's what things look like from the inside.

Nokia is announcing a new phone on Oct. 4 - CNET - News - 1 hour 29 min ago
Could it be the Nokia 7.1 Plus?

Alexa is coming to Sony smart TVs - CNET - News - 1 hour 33 min ago
Amazon's new software lets other companies integrate Alexa into their products.

Amazon debuts Echo Auto and Alexa on the Go in Seattle - Roadshow - News - 1 hour 34 min ago
The small dash-mounted device brings location-sensitive Alexa functionality to any car for just $50.

Amazon Alexa location-based Routines turns on your lights when you get home - CNET - News - 1 hour 34 min ago
Set your personalized entrance music to blast as soon as you walk through the door.

Amazon Echo Dot, Basics Microwave, Echo Sub: Everything Amazon just announced - CNET - News - 1 hour 35 min ago
A redesigned Echo Dot, a smart microwave and a subwoofer are just some of the new things Amazon unveiled at its September event.

Amazon's Alexa Hunches will remind you to lock your door at night - CNET - News - 1 hour 35 min ago
The ecommerce giant is trying to make Alexa more predictive.

Amazon Echo Link and Echo Link Amp let Alexa power real audio gear - CNET - News - 1 hour 36 min ago
Priced at $199 and $299, they undercut the prices of traditional AV gear from the likes of Sonos and Denon.

Solar observatory closure wasn't a conspiracy, but it was creepy - CNET - News - 1 hour 37 min ago
A search warrant reveals why the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was mysteriously evacuated.

Amazon's Wi-Fi Simple Setup will make it easier to connect your smart home - CNET - News - 1 hour 39 min ago
Alexa will share your Wi-Fi credentials with compatible smart devices.

Senate can’t protect senators, staff from cyber attacks, Wyden warns

Ars Technica - 1 hour 41 min ago

Enlarge / The Senate's IT security team can't protect senators' and staffers' own devices and accounts. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) wants to change that. (credit: Martin Falbisoner / Wikimedia Commons)

Sen. Ron Wyden has been a squeaky wheel about the US Senate's weak security posture for a while. In April, the Oregon Democrat raised objections over the lax physical security measures for Senate staff—including ID badges that just have pictures of smart chips like those on other access cards used across government agencies, rather than actual chips, and provide no access controls. Now, as the November mid-term election approaches, Wyden has written a letter to Senate leadership decrying the lack of assistance that the Senate's own information security team can provide in protecting senators' accounts and devices from targeted attacks, even as evidence mounts that such attacks are being staged.

According to Wyden, his office had discovered that "at least one major technology company" had recently detected targeted attacks against members of the Senate and their staffers—and that these attacks had apparently been staged by groups tied to foreign intelligence agencies.

Microsoft reported thwarting spear-phishing attacks staged by a group tied to Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) against members of the Senate in August. And the US Senate's own systems have been targeted in the past, including a June 2017 effort by the same GRU group (known as "Fancy Bear," "Pawnstorm," and "Sofacy") that created a server spoofing the Senate's own Windows Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), according to a report from Trend Micro.

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Veronica Mars reboot headed to Hulu, and Kristen Bell's psyched - CNET - News - 1 hour 45 min ago
The rumors were true. Eight new episodes involving a Spring Break mystery are coming to the streaming service.

Ticketmaster teams with scalpers to rip you off, report says. Firm says no way - CNET - News - 1 hour 49 min ago
The company calls an assertion by investigative journalists at The Toronto Star and CBC News "categorically untrue."

Amazon unveils new Ring Stick Up Cam for home security - CNET - News - 1 hour 50 min ago
The new camera will cost $180.

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