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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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If Amazon Books can make it here, it can make it anywhere - CNET - News - 1 hour 10 min ago
The online store's experiment with physical bookstores reaches New York City. Should traditional retailers be worried?

Steak or human flesh? Let's look at our nutritional value - CNET - News - 1 hour 11 min ago
This week's top YouTube videos debunk flat earthers, test cannibalism and reveal seals for the jerks they are.

DJI Spark Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET - Reviews - 1 hour 13 min ago
DJI has officially unveiled its rumored mini drone, which may be small, but it's still packed with features -- and only costs $500.

The Echo Dot is available for $40 right now - CNET - News - 1 hour 14 min ago
The lowest price the Echo Dot has reached thus far (during last year's Black Friday sale), is being matched today.

A smart camera that can ID your car in less than a second - CNET - News - 1 hour 16 min ago
Security camera manufacturer Kuna says its new software can distinguish a car's color, make and model in under a second.

Windows switch to Git almost complete: 8,500 commits and 1,760 builds each day

Ars Technica - 1 hour 16 min ago

Enlarge (credit: Git)

Back in February, Microsoft made the surprising announcement that the Windows development team was going to move to using the open source Git version control system for Windows development. A little over three months after that first revelation, and about 90 percent of the Windows engineering team has made the switch.

The switch to Git has been driven by a couple of things. In 2013, the company embarked on its OneCore project, unifying its different strands of Windows development and making the operating system a more cleanly modularized, layered platform. At the time, Microsoft was using SourceDepot, a customized version of the commercial Perforce version control system, for all its major projects.

SourceDepot couldn't handle a project the size of Windows, so rather than having the whole operating system in a single repository, the Windows code was actually divided among 65 different repositories, with a kind of virtualization layer on top to produce a unified view of all the code. Some of these 65 repos contained nicely isolated, standalone components; others took vertical or horizontal slices through the operating system; others were just grab bags of different code. As such, the repo structure didn't correspond with OneCore's module boundaries.

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Lego Porsche 911 shatters beautifully in a crash test - CNET - News - 1 hour 23 min ago
A Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS rolls down a tiny crash-test track and explodes into a fascinating supernova of plastic pieces.

My first Jedi lightsaber combat lesson - CNET - News - 1 hour 29 min ago
As Star Wars turns 40, CNET's Christine Cain decides it's time to apply her martial arts training to Jedi academy. Will her lightsaber cooperate?

Pokémon Go hackers getting put in Pidgey-filled purgatory

Ars Technica - 1 hour 33 min ago

Enlarge / If Niantic detects your bot account, common Pokémon like this Pidgey are all you'll be able to see in the game.

Pokémon Go developer Niantic appears to have opened up a new front in its ongoing war against third-party tools and trackers that use bot accounts to reveal where in-game Pokémon are hiding in the real world. Players are reporting that detected and flagged accounts are being limited so they can only see common Pokémon—not the most coveted, rarer beasts.

Pokemon Go Hub reported on the new security measure earlier this week, showing screenshots where two different accounts in the same exact location showed different Pokémon on their "nearby" lists. The site estimates that tens to hundreds of thousands of accounts may have been blinded in this way, based on reports from inside the Pokémon Go hacking community.

That said, reports suggest the enforcement has been somewhat sporadic, with "some botters claiming zero accounts blinded, and others reporting complete annihilation of their account farm," according to Pokémon Go Hub. And while bot-makers can create free new accounts to try to get around the blinding, The Silph Road subreddit reports that many new accounts seem to be blinded quickly and automatically, signaling a change from the more manual ban waves Niantic has issued to bot makers periodically. Some suspect Niantic is making use of machine-learning algorithms to detect bots quickly while limiting false-positive punishments on legitimate accounts (the company was publicly searching for a Machine Learning Engineer last year).

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Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner tricked by photo, contact lens - CNET - News - 1 hour 39 min ago
Turns out the sophisticated tech can't tell the difference between your eye and a picture with a contact lens over the iris, a hacking club says.

My new favorite drone is only $20 - CNET - News - 1 hour 39 min ago
That's actually the second most surprising thing about it. The first is it's controlled by hand motions! Plus: My other favorite drone just got better, and it's on sale to boot.

Hitachi exits mainframe hardware but will collab with IBM on z Systems

The Register - 1 hour 39 min ago
Big Blue's big iron to be loaded with Hitachi's OS software

Hitachi has stopped building its own mainframes but will supply IBM z Systems loaded with Hitachi VOS3 operating system software.…

Amazon's New York bookstore is picture-perfect - CNET - News - 1 hour 48 min ago
The mega retailer officially opens its first physical bookstore in the Big Apple at Columbus Circle. Take a look inside.

Serena Williams takes on new challenge in Silicon Valley

BBC Technology News - 1 hour 51 min ago
The tennis player has been appointed to the board of SurveyMonkey and pledged to fight for diversity.

AT&T’s purchase of HBO could lead to 20-minute Game of Thrones episodes

Ars Technica - 1 hour 57 min ago

Enlarge / Just imagine how many 20-minute Game of Thrones episodes you could watch if you lived as long as Melisandre. (credit: HBO)

As AT&T prepares to purchase Time Warner Inc., AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has an idea for HBO's Game of Thrones: cut the hour-long episodes down to 20 minutes for mobile devices.

AT&T's $85.4 billion purchase of Time Warner would give the telco HBO and other lucrative programming properties. Stephenson discussed his thoughts yesterday at the annual JP Morgan Technology, Media, and Telecom conference in Boston.

“I’ll cause [HBO CEO Richard] Plepler to panic,” Stephenson said. But “think about things like Game of Thrones. In a mobile environment, a 60-minute episode might not be the best experience. Maybe you want a 20-minute episode.” Instead of showing full-length episodes on all devices, it might be best to "curate the content uniquely for a mobile environment."

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Is Instagram bad for your mental health? - CNET - News - 1 hour 59 min ago
A new UK study looks into the mental-health effects of five major social networks. Instagram ranks as the worst.

What Star Wars, Apple and Buffy all have in common - CNET - News - 2 hours 5 min ago
When Star Wars first hit our galaxy, gas went for 65 cents a gallon and the Atari 2600 topped every kid's wish list. Let's time-warp back to 1977.

Apple iPad Pro 2 Release Date, Price and Specs - CNET - Reviews - 2 hours 5 min ago
Can Apple regain its tablet mojo after years of sagging sales?

Picturing the iPad Pro 2: a collection of "leaked" images, renders, and concept designs of Apple's next tablet - CNET - News - 2 hours 10 min ago
A handful of images -- including concept designs and purportedly leaked photos -- that hint at the iPad Pro 2's design and features.

Huawei missed memo that PC's dead – so here are three new notebooks

The Register - 2 hours 10 min ago
Touchscreens? Who needs 'em?

Hands On Huawei this week launched three Intel devices running Windows 10: a slim notebook, a Surface-a-like 2-in-1, and a conventional 15.6" laptop.…

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