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Airbnb removes listings in disputed West Banks settlements - CNET - News - 49 min 32 sec ago
The move is welcomed by Palestine but irks Israel.

Apple reportedly cuts production orders for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR - CNET - News - 1 hour 1 min ago
Suppliers have been grappling with a shift in iPhone demand.

Black Friday 2018 smartwatch and fitness tracker deals: $80 off Apple Watch, $200 Samsung Gear S3, $150 Fitbit Versa - CNET - News - 1 hour 46 min ago
Fitbit, Apple Watch and Samsung -- we take a look at some of the best deals on wearables ahead of Black Friday.

Elon Musk readies Starship for interplanetary trip - CNET - News - 2 hours 2 min ago
It was originally called the Big Falcon Rocket, or BFR.

California is using war-zone DNA tests to identify fire victims - CNET - News - 2 hours 18 min ago
It will cut the process from weeks down to just two hours.

Best Black Friday 2018 phone deals - CNET - News - 2 hours 32 min ago
Black Friday is often the best time during the year to buy a phone. Check out the best savings we found for the latest iPhones, Galaxy phones, Pixel phones and more.

From directory traversal to direct travesty: Crash, hijack, siphon off this TP-Link VPN box via classic exploitable bugs

The Register - 3 hours 36 min ago
TL-R600VPN owners, grab and install firmware fixes now

Bug-hunters have this week disclosed details of four security vulnerabilities in a family of TP-Link 1GbE VPN routers.…

Lowes Black Friday 2018 deals: $25 Google Home Mini bundle, $70 off Nest products coming soon - CNET - News - 5 hours 1 min ago
There's serious discounts on Nest gear, plus a Google Home Hub for $100.

Gaming chair maker Secretlab has something Neue for the office - CNET - Reviews - 5 hours 6 min ago
If you fancy ergonomic comforts in your office, the NeueChair could be your thing.

Hang onto your magical tridents, the final Aquaman trailer is here

Ars Technica - 5 hours 19 min ago

Enlarge / Jason Momoa stars as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman: half human, half Atlantean. (credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

We're just one month away from the release of director James Wan's Aquaman, the first full-length feature film centered around Jason Momoa's Justice League superhero. Now the final trailer has dropped, with all the magical tridents, warrior princesses, and epic CGI battles you'd expect from a superhero movie about averting a mythological war between two very different worlds.

Aquaman first entered the DC Comics universe in a 1941 anthology and later turned into a solo comic book series. He was a founding member of the Justice League during the "Silver Age" of the 1950s and 1960s. But he was never among the most compelling superheroes in the DC stable, often serving as the butt of jokes because of his supposedly inferior super powers. Hey, telepathically communicating with fish is cool, right?

So there was some initial skepticism about introducing the character into DC's rebooted cinematic universe. Casting Momoa, who was so riveting as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones' first season, was an inspired choice, and the initial artwork showing an Aquaman reimagined for the 21st century looked promising. For the reboot, DCEU wisely played down the talking-to-fish thing (it's more a form of telepathic compulsion) and focued instead on Aquaman's superhuman strength, ability to breathe underwater, super fast swimming, and so forth.

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Lamborghini boss Domenicali teases the idea of a new Espada - Roadshow - News - 5 hours 22 min ago
Now that Lamborghini has all this SUV money, could we see a return of the brand to the hyper-grand-touring 2+2 market?

Black Friday 2018 deals at Best Buy: TVs, Sonos, Google -- and the best HomePod price ever - CNET - News - 5 hours 26 min ago
The original big box tech retailer busts out the bargains for the biggest sale day of the season, and some of them are available now.

T-Mobile Black Friday deals are live: Free iPhones, LG and Samsung Galaxy phones - CNET - News - 5 hours 30 min ago
The catch? You'll have to open up a new line and trade in an eligible device.

Black Friday 2018 Galaxy deals: Free Galaxy S9, $600 Note 9, $300 gift card, $5 monthly plan - CNET - News - 5 hours 31 min ago
Some of these deals from Amazon, Target and your carrier are already on.

As losses narrow, nbn™ says business will drive growth in ARPU (that'll be how much it extracts from each punter)

The Register - 5 hours 39 min ago
Oz broadband network-builder quarterly revenue bests half-billion mark

The outfit building Australia's National Broadband Network has outlined how it plans to achieve the per-user revenue mix that underpins its eventual profitability.…

Walmart Black Friday 2018 deals: $199 Xbox, PS4 available now, $59 Instant Pot, $99 Google Home Hub coming soon - CNET - News - 5 hours 45 min ago
Walmart comes out swinging for Black Friday -- with some sale prices already available.

Black Friday ads 2018: The full ads and best deals from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target and more - CNET - News - 5 hours 55 min ago
Want the unedited, full deal posts from the biggest retailers? Here they are -- along with when each sale starts.

Linux kernel Spectre V2 defense fingered for massively slowing down unlucky apps on Intel Hyper-Thread CPUs

The Register - 6 hours 3 min ago
This is on by default? 'Yikes' says Chipzilla techie

Linux supremo Linus Torvalds has voiced support for a kernel patch that limits a previously deployed defense against Spectre Variant 2, a data-leaking vulnerability in modern processors.…

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