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The solar eclipse produced some fantastic photos—here are our favorites

Ars Technica - 1 hour 29 min ago

NASA/Bill Ingalls

On Monday, Ars writers shared some thoughts about the total solar eclipse that spanned the United States with readers and took some backyard photographs of the event. But let's be honest, none of us are professional photographers, and didn't possess the right equipment to do the celestial event justice.

Fortunately, there's a space agency for that. Two, even. And on Monday NASA and the European Space Agency deployed their resources on the ground and in space to capture the eclipse, doing so in stunning fashion. This gallery highlights everything from the International Space Station transiting the Sun during the eclipse, to astronauts on board the station itself taking pictures of the event back on Earth.

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Spyware backdoor prompts Google to pull 500 apps with >100m downloads

Ars Technica - 1 hour 39 min ago

Enlarge (credit: portal gda)

At least 500 apps collectively downloaded more than 100 million times from Google's official Play Market contained a secret backdoor that allowed developers to install a range of spyware at any time, researchers said Monday.

The apps contained a software development kit called Igexin, which makes it easier for apps to connect to ad networks and deliver ads that are targeted to the specific interests of end users. Once an app using a malicious version of Igexin was installed on a phone, the developer kit could update the app to include spyware at any time, with no warning. The most serious spyware installed on phones were packages that stole call histories, including the time a call was made, the number that placed the call, and whether the call went through. Other stolen data included GPS locations, lists of nearby Wi-Fi networks, and lists of installed apps.

In a blog post published Monday, researchers from mobile security company Lookout wrote:

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Lawsuit against Daily Stormer is stuck; founder can’t be served papers

Ars Technica - 1 hour 49 min ago

Andrew Anglin (credit: Azzmador / YouTube)

A Jewish real estate agent's anti-harassment lawsuit against the owner of the racist Daily Stormer website hasn't progressed at all, despite being filed nearly four months ago.

The reason for the stall, the plaintiff's lawyers say, is that Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin simply can't be found. They've tried, but failed, to serve him papers at four different Ohio addresses.

Montana real estate agent Tanya Gersh sued Anglin in April, claiming he unleashed a "coordinated, repulsive, threatening campaign of anti-Semitic harassment" against Gersh, her husband, and her 12-year-old son. The "old fashioned Troll Storm" that Anglin asked his followers to unleash resulted in more than 700 threatening phone calls, voicemails, and e-mails.

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If there's a hole in your S3 bucket, data thieves will be sprayed by Macie

The Register - 1 hour 56 min ago
Data loss prevention bot patrols Amazon's cloud storage solution

Analysis Data loss prevention is about to get a whole lot smarter.…

Mac virtualization: Parallels and VMware want you to buy new versions

Ars Technica - 1 hour 59 min ago

Windows 10, Windows 7, and Ubuntu running in Parallels. (credit: Parallels)

Parallels and VMware both announced new versions of their virtualization products for Macs today, with performance improvements and optimizations for the upcoming releases of MacOS and Windows. VMware is also releasing a new version of Workstation, its desktop virtualization software for Windows and Linux PCs.

Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac will be available today. Although VMware Fusion 10 for Mac and Workstation 14 for Windows and Linux are being announced today, the VMware upgrades will be available for sale sometime in October.

Parallels stuck to its yearly paid upgrade schedule a year ago, while VMware released free updates to Fusion and Workstation. This year, both companies are asking customers to pay for upgrades.

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Ford takes first step toward building EVs in China - Roadshow - News - 1 hour 59 min ago
It will explore a joint venture with Anhui Zotye Automobile Co, which is not a name that rolls off the tongue.

Fujifilm's Instax SQ10 Instant Camera Review: It Mixes Analog and Digital, With Mixed Results

Wired - 2 hours 6 sec ago
Fujifilm's latest instant camera shoots square film, but is it worth tolerating a quirky camera?

What white supremacists teach us about online dating - CNET - News - 2 hours 11 min ago
Commentary: A neo-Nazi organizer was banned from OkCupid after taking part in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is a cautionary tale.

Tales of an IT professional sailing around the Antarctic loop

Ars Technica - 2 hours 14 min ago

Jen Thomas

Carles Pina i Estany is not what comes to mind when you picture your typical Polar explorer. A native of sunny Barcelona, he works as a Software Engineer at Mendeley—a London-based technology company owned by science publishers Elsevier. Before this year, he had never even slept aboard a ship. But when the invitation came for him to embark on a three-month expedition around the Antarctic, he jumped at the chance.

It all happened rather quickly. Pina i Estany’s partner, Jen Thomas, who had previously worked with the British Antarctic Survey, was working as Data Manager for a research trip led by the newly created Swiss Polar Institute. The SPI connects researchers active in polar or extreme environments, promotes public awareness of these environments, and facilitates access to research facilities in those extreme environments. Billionaire adventurer Frederik Paulsen sponsored the excursion—he even  went along for the ride. This was most definitely not your typical office tech support gig.

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Samsung unlocks Bixby voice app for more countries - CNET - News - 2 hours 18 min ago
It’s time to meet Bixby in countries outside the US and South Korea.

Samsung's Bixby rolled out in 200 countries

BBC Technology News - 2 hours 35 min ago
The AI digital assistant had been delayed amid quality concerns.

Canadian outsourcer CGI to Nordic BI biz: Fancy €98m cold ones, eh?

The Register - 2 hours 47 min ago
Affecto’s 1k staff to merge with CGI if all cash deal goes through

Canadian outsourcer CGI has made an all cash offer for the Northern European data analytics firm Affecto.…

iOS 11 vs. Android Oreo: Who's winning so far? - CNET - News - 2 hours 49 min ago
And why it might not matter until we see the iPhone 8 and next Google Pixel.

Verizon's new cheaper unlimited plan comes with some limits - CNET - News - 2 hours 53 min ago
You lose HD video streaming and roaming in Canada and Mexico, and your mobile hotspot slows down. There's a pricier plan if you want those perks.

Netflix Is Using 'The Defenders' to Understand Its Audience

Wired - 3 hours 6 sec ago
The crossover show lets the streaming service see how their shows' fans overlap.

Watch Hackers Hijack Three Robots for Spying and Sabotage

Wired - 3 hours 6 sec ago
An early taste of the hacked robot uprising.

China relaunches world's fastest train

BBC Technology News - 3 hours 7 min ago
The high-speed trains will be able to run at speeds of 350km/h following safety checks on rail lines.

Fujitsu looking to flog its smartphones biz – report

The Register - 3 hours 18 min ago
How's that 'digital transformation' going?

For its latest "digital transformation", Fujitsu is trying to sell off its mobile phone business, according to reports.…

2022 Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow - Reviews - 3 hours 49 min ago
The I.D. Buzz was one of the most widely loved concepts we've seen in years, but it turns out it's more than just a pretty face. It's a driver, and we've taken it for a spin.

You may want to unlock the iPhone 8 with your face, not finger - CNET - News - 4 hours ago
The iPhone 8's facial recognition is rumored to sense faces in millionths of a second -- faster than you can say "cheese."

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