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For ERP LN feature pack upgrade, what method of install are you using?
Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio review - Roadshow - Reviews - 5 hours 51 min ago
A 505-horsepower drivetrain, tight handling and gorgeous looks put the sport sedan segment on notice.

Chrome plug-in tells you when hackers have your password - CNET - News - 6 hours 1 min ago
And yes, it does have a system to avoid leaking your password itself.

BMW cars found to contain more than a dozen flaws

BBC Technology News - 6 hours 14 min ago
China-based researchers are working with the carmaker to patch the security problems.'s use of black box algorithms to decide stuff needs watching

The Register - 6 hours 21 min ago
PS: Don't forget to try to cash in on public data – MPs

Increased use of algorithms in decision-making risks disproportionately affecting certain groups, MPs have said, urging the government to boost transparency and tackle bias - but not forget the value of public data.…

Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite e-reader is $30 off today - CNET - News - 6 hours 24 min ago
Amazon is having a one-day sale on both its popular Paperwhite e-reader and the entry-level Kindle.

FBI admits over-counting locked iPhones and other mobiles

BBC Technology News - 6 hours 44 min ago
The use of numerous databases resulted in individual iPhones being erroneously counted multiple times.

Blockchain helps us take green power into our own hands - CNET - News - 7 hours 1 min ago
Forget bitcoin. Blockchain could help us earn a different kind of digital currency -- with solar energy.

Lyft invests $100M in driver support centers - CNET - News - 7 hours 1 min ago
The ride-hailing company doubles down in its battle with Uber to win over drivers.

Facebook, I'm done with you; it's all about texting now, says congressman - CNET - News - 7 hours 1 min ago
Commentary: Rep. Rick Crawford, a Republican from Arkansas, believes there's a way out for politicians on Facebook.

Steve Martin taught me to be funny. Didya hear the one about whale sounds and sex? - CNET - News - 7 hours 1 min ago
Budding comedian Bonnie Burton takes Steve Martin's first online class hoping to find the formula for making people laugh. Then she tests it on stage.

Finally: Historic Eudora email code goes open source

The Register - 7 hours 8 min ago
'Member that innocent, pre-Zuckerberg time?

The source code to the Eudora email client is being released by the Computer History Museum, after five years of discussion with the IP owner, Qualcomm.…

Facebook wants your naked photos to stop revenge porn

BBC Technology News - 7 hours 19 min ago
The social network is extending a trial to the UK which hopes to block intimate photos before they appear online.

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 review: Meet the child of Intel and AMD’s unholy union

Ars Technica - 7 hours 31 min ago

Samuel Axon

This new Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 is the first convertible in the XPS 15 line, but that’s not the most interesting thing about it.

Since 2010, Dell’s XPS 15 has been a reliable, 15-inch performance workhorse and a light gaming option for users who aren’t impressed by the over-the-top designs of dedicated gaming laptops. Last year’s model, for example, impressed with strong performance from the discrete GeForce GTX 1050 GPU. But discrete GPUs have many downsides. They take up space, use lots of energy, and generate a lot of heat, which impacts both portability and battery life.

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AI servers will need much more memory. And you know who's going to be there? Yep, big daddy Micron

The Register - 7 hours 39 min ago
The one whose name doesn't rhyme with schmintel

Analysis Micron has started to separate from Intel in NAND production, just days after whipping the veil off its 7.68TB QLC SSD, and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra and pals are keen to chat up analysts about their vision of the coming "New Micron".…

Small, nimble, quick, and loud: The BMW X2 reviewed

Ars Technica - 7 hours 44 min ago

"Subcompact SUV" sounds like an oxymoron in the same class as "jumbo shrimp" or "open secret," but it's a booming segment of the American automotive market. And with BMW keen on having an option in just about every sub-segment of the vehicle-buying public, the BMW X2 makes sense. But like the BMW 640i xDrive GT I reviewed earlier this year, the X2 seems awfully similar to another car in the German automaker's lineup. In the case of the new-for-2018 X2, its doppelgänger is the X1. Given the moniker, one would expect it to fall between the X1 and the X3 in size and shape. Instead, at 172"×72"×60" (437cm×183cm×152cm), the X2 "sports activity coupe" is almost three inches shorter in length and height than the X1 "sports activity vehicle." It shares its underlying platform not only with the X1 but the Mini Countryman as well.

BMW's entry in the luxury subcompact crossover market starts at $38,400, but the BMW X2 xDrive 28i I drove for a week has a sticker price of $50,920. That extra $12,000+ buys you the Driving Assistance Package (lane-departure and front collision warning, $700), Premium Package (heated front seats, navigation touch pad, and heads-up display for $2,600), and the M SportX Package (19-inch wheels, sport seats, and panoramic moonroof for $4,650). Then add in Park Distance Control for $800, wireless CarPlay support for $300 (sorry, Android owners), and a premium sound system for $875. After all that, if you want adaptive cruise control, add another $1,000 to the sticker price. At that point, you're within shouting distance of a similarly specced X3.

Under the hood is the same engine that powers the BMW X1: a 2.0-liter TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder power plant capable of 228hp (170kW) with 258lb-ft (349Nm) of torque paired with an eight-speed Steptronic transmission. The X2 comes standard with all-wheel drive. The M Sport and M Sport X also come with dynamic damper control and the M Suspension, which sits about four inches lower than the standard X2 suspension.

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UK chancellor puts finger in air, promises 15 MEELLION full fibre connections by 2025

The Register - 8 hours 3 min ago
Goal to be achieved not with government cash, but 'market conditions'

The UK's chief purse-strings-puller Philip Hammond has pledged 15 million premises will receive full-fibre broadband by 2025, in an apparent bid to boost Britain's fortunes post-Brexit.…

Boffins: Michael Jackson's tilt was a criminally smooth trick

The Register - 8 hours 32 min ago
30 years on, King of Pop's dance moves no longer flummox academic world

New research from India into Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal tilt has concluded that, yes, it is physically impossible and dancers should really stop trying to recreate it because Achilles tendon and spinal injuries are not fun.…

'Clive, help us,' say empty-handed ZX Spectrum reboot buyers

The Register - 9 hours 15 min ago
Will legendary Brit inventor step in to save the day?

Customers of Retro Computers ltd, the ZX Spectrum themed reboot firm, have now set up a website asking Sir Clive Sinclair to intervene in the non-delivery debacle.…

Machine learning for dummies: You needn't go back to uni to use it

The Register - 9 hours 58 min ago
AI is no longer just an academic exercise – and courses need to wise up to that

Artificial intelligence and its sub-domains look set to be the next major growth area for software developers, programmers, hackers and just about anyone who has anything to do with software.…

DXC chopping MORE customer-facing service staff

The Register - 10 hours 26 min ago
Automation and offshoring to replace weak humans in the West

Frankenfirm DXC Technologies is again looking for hard-pressed front-end customer support teamsters that are willing to leave with a redundancy cheque, according to an internal document.…

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