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Can't get pranked by your team if nobody in the world can log on

The Register - 9 hours 10 min ago
Dirty Den escapes with a slapped wrist

Who, Me? Welcome once more to Who, Me? The Register's weekly column featuring readers' tales of the things they'd rather forget having done.…

The code's crashed again, but why? Tell us your war stories of bugs found – and bugs fixed

The Register - 10 hours 32 min ago
We need your help in understanding how software issues are solved in production environments

Reader study Even the best software goes wrong from time to time. So, what exactly happens when it throws a wobbly, especially when it's a key component in a production environment?…

'Robots for everyone' in 5 years, says Japan's most valuable tech startup - CNET - News - 10 hours 47 min ago
A robot that picks up your dirty underpants. Sign me up.

NASA named new constellations after The Incredible Hulk and Godzilla - CNET - News - 12 hours 10 min ago
There are also new constellations named after the Tardis and Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir!

Addison Lee plans self-driving taxis by 2021

BBC Technology News - 12 hours 13 min ago
The taxi firm is pitting itself against rival Uber in a race to offer self-driving car services. freezes up as techies race to fix dead data storage gear

The Register - 13 hours 9 min ago
TITSUP: Total Inability To Support Users' Pushes

GitHub's website remains broken after a data storage system failed hours ago.…

It's not just you... freezes up as techies race to fix dead data storage gear

The Register - 13 hours 9 min ago
TITSUP: Total Inability To Support Users' Pushes

GitHub's website remains broken after a data storage system failed roughly four hours ago.…

Star Wars Resistance episode 4: Fuel for the Fire shows dangers of the Colossus - CNET - News - 13 hours 31 min ago
One character's rebel past is revealed and Kaz makes some questionable friends.

Elon Musk's superfast LA underground 'loop' is coming sooner than you think - CNET - News - 13 hours 31 min ago
The Boring Company is almost ready to show off its first tunnel under LA, designed to be the ultimate hack for commuters.

'Headless chicken monster' filmed near Antarctica for the first time - CNET - News - 13 hours 41 min ago
Australian scientists spotted the extremely rare creature in the Southern Ocean, putting on its best face for the camera.

Need a modest Arm Cortex-A CPU in your custom chip? Just apply online. Plus $125,000

The Register - 16 hours 2 min ago
That's how much it costs to license the blueprints (and don't forget the royalties)

In 2018, a crack commando CPU was sent to an ASIC by a military court for a crime it didn't commit. This processor core promptly escaped from a maximum-security system-on-chip to the Los Angeles underground.…

iPhone XR camera: Just how good will it be? - CNET - News - 16 hours 33 min ago
It's only got one lens, while the iPhone XS has two. But what else is different?

Facebook reportedly shopping for a cybersecurity company - CNET - News - 17 hours 37 min ago
Acquisition would aim to shore up security following the largest hack in the company's history.

Yosemite: Photographer searches for Taft Point proposal couple

BBC Technology News - October 21, 2018 - 8:18pm
Freelance photographer Matthew Dippel is hunting for the pair who he caught on camera earlier this month.

This artist's home theater and movie museum will freak you out - CNET - News - October 21, 2018 - 7:18pm
Show Us Yours: Artist Paul Snyder's home houses not only his movie theater, but also a museum filled with homemade statues of famous Hollywood characters you have to see to believe.

Lithium giants feud over competition, brine in Chile’s Atacama Desert

Ars Technica - October 21, 2018 - 7:00pm

Enlarge / A general view of Laguna Colorada located near the border with Chile, in the Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia. The Uyuni Salt Flats are estimated to contain 100 million tons of lithium, making it one of the largest global reserves of this mineral, according to state officials at the Bolivian Mining Corporation. (credit: MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images)

Two of the world's biggest lithium producers, Albemarle Corporation and Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile (otherwise known as SQM), are tangled in two disputes: the first over water rights in Chile's Atacama desert and the second over ownership of SQM.

Both Albemarle and SQM have significant operations in the Atacama desert, where some of the world's best lithium resources exist. As electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries become more popular, lithium resources are becoming more valuable. That has created some conflict in an industry that has long remained relatively quiet.

Who's drinking whose milkshake?

This week, Reuters reported that both Albemarle and SQM have accused each other of overdrawing brine from the Atacama's underground aquifers. Both companies have operations in the Atacama's Salar, and their operations are just three miles apart from each other. The brine water that has been accumulating for millennia under the Atacama is lithium-rich, and companies pump it out and send the brine to evaporation ponds where heat extracts the water and leaves the reactive alkali metal behind.

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Game of Thrones shot a reunion special with Conan O'Brien - CNET - News - October 21, 2018 - 6:00pm
Sean Bean says the comedian hosted a farewell show of some kind in Northern Ireland.

George Lucas and Jon Favreau get together in ... a cantina? - CNET - News - October 21, 2018 - 5:00pm
The Star Wars creator apparently paid a visit to the set of The Mandalorian.

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