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Installation Wizard into existing VRC
Installation Wizard into new VRC
Manual into existing VRC
Manual into new VRC
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Marvel Rising: Initiation is a fun team-up that kicks off with a twist - CNET - News - 14 hours 13 min ago
Spoiler-free review: Gwen Stacy's Ghost Spider gets an origin story with a wallop.

Lyft and Uber's vomit fraud problem is less and more gross than it sounds - Roadshow - News - 14 hours 32 min ago
Ride-hailing drivers are starting to falsify damage claims to increase their profits.

Charging ahead

BBC Technology News - 14 hours 37 min ago
From battery-powered trucks to Formula E racing cars, electric vehicles are going mainstream around the world.

Why some computer viruses refuse to die

BBC Technology News - 14 hours 39 min ago
Like zombies, malware dating from decades ago is still roaming the net looking for fresh victims.

Caesars Palace not-so-Praetorian guards intimidate DEF CON goers, seize soldering irons

Ars Technica - 15 hours 3 min ago

Enlarge / This sign is an invitation for a room search at some Las Vegas hotels. (credit: Getty Images)

In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas in October of 2017, hotels in the city started drafting more aggressive policies regarding security. Just as Caesars Entertainment was rolling out its new security policies, the company ran head on into DEF CON—an event with privacy tightly linked to its culture.

The resulting clash of worlds—especially at Caesars Palace, the hotel where much of DEF CON was held—left some attendees feeling violated, harassed, or abused, and that exploded onto Twitter this past weekend.

Caesars began rolling out a new security policy in February that mandated room searches when staff had not had access to rooms for over 24 hours. Caesars has been mostly tolerant of the idiosyncratic behavior of the DEF CON community, but it's not clear that the company prepared security staff for dealing with the sorts of things they would find in the rooms of DEF CON attendees. Soldering irons and other gear were seized, and some attendees reported being intimidated by security staff.

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Comcast brings $10-a-month broadband to military veterans - CNET - News - 15 hours 18 min ago
Vets will now be eligible for the carrier's Internet Essentials broadband program, which also serves poor school children and elderly Americans.

Elder Scrolls game threatens to ditch PlayStation if Sony won't approve cross-play - CNET - News - 15 hours 20 min ago
Bethesda may skip the PS4 for Elder Scrolls: Legends, because Sony won't play nice.

It's official: TLS 1.3 approved as standard while spies weep

The Register - 15 hours 23 min ago
Now all you lot have to actually implement it

An overhaul of a critical internet security protocol has been completed, with TLS 1.3 becoming an official standard late last week.…

Infowars, Alex Jones are testing the limits of free speech on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Apple - CNET - News - 15 hours 25 min ago
FAQ: The conspiracy theorist extraordinaire becomes the center of a debate about free speech and the internet. Here's what you need to know.

Chevy Suburban and Tahoe get fancied up with big V8 power - Roadshow - News - 15 hours 41 min ago
General Motors' Premium Plus trim offers more options to get a 6.2-liter V8 in your full-size SUV.

Vimeo has removed Alex Jones' Infowars too - CNET - News - August 13, 2018 - 10:57pm
The video sharing platform follows the lead of Facebook, YouTube, Apple and more.

Galaxy Note 9 ongoing review: The good and bad so far - CNET - Reviews - August 13, 2018 - 10:30pm
Samsung's $1,000 phone comes with an AI camera, giant battery and 128GB of onboard storage.

Your smart air conditioner could help bring down the power grid - CNET - News - August 13, 2018 - 10:26pm
Hacked appliances could overwhelm the grid, researchers say.

Microsoft gets edge on AWS with Azure Stack for government

The Register - August 13, 2018 - 10:25pm
Feds can now stick Redmond clouds into on-prem hardware

Microsoft has kicked out a build of its Azure Stack on-premise cloud for US government use.…

Apple delays 32-person Group FaceTime chats from iOS 12 launch - CNET - News - August 13, 2018 - 9:56pm
You'll have to wait to FaceTime all your relatives at the same time.

VW's Electrify America launches first ad campaign... with a Bolt EV - Roadshow - News - August 13, 2018 - 9:33pm
The ads are part of a larger campaign to help steer more car buyers toward electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Fortnite for Android no longer Samsung-exclusive: Is your phone getting it? - CNET - News - August 13, 2018 - 9:31pm
It's not just iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones anymore.

Bitcoin and ether are both down more than two-thirds from their peaks

Ars Technica - August 13, 2018 - 9:20pm

Enlarge / Ether, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. (credit:

Ether, the currency of the Ethereum network, has plunged 9 percent over the last 24 hours. The virtual currency is now worth about $290—the first time it has been below $300 this year.

The declining price is part of a broader cryptocurrency sell-off that saw most major cryptocurrencies lose value over the last 24 hours. And it's part of a longer-term trend that has seen the gradual deflation of last year's cryptocurrency bubble.

Bitcoin, the world's most valuable currency, has lost only 1 percent of its value over the last 24 hours. But it has drifted steadily downward this year, falling from a high of almost $20,000 in mid-December to $6,250 today.

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Google just did the right thing with Fortnite on Google Play - CNET - News - August 13, 2018 - 9:18pm
Commentary: This one little message could make a big difference.

The Ars Technica Back to School buying guide

Ars Technica - August 13, 2018 - 9:00pm

Enlarge / A few gadgets we think will be appreciated this school year. (credit: Jeff Dunn)

College is a time for meeting new people, opening up your worldview, taking in new experiences, reading (please, for the love of God, read), and generally experiencing the last years of a life untainted by taxes and a daily job.

It is not a time to care about things—if I could just write “books” and leave this buying guide at that, I would. But a modern student requires a few equally modern gadgets to get through the school year, and there are certainly a few pieces of technology that can make their life on campus feel a little less overwhelming and a little more enjoyable.

So, as we’ve done a few times already this year, we’ve dug through our recent reviews to put together a list of preferred gadgets, this time aimed at those heading back to school in the next few weeks. Because we’re dealing with students, we mainly focused on the affordable stuff. (We also tried to avoid anything that could too easily become a beer bong—books, everyone, books!)

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