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Dealmaster: Get a PlayStation 4 for $200 and other early Black Friday deals

Ars Technica - 3 hours 2 min ago

Greetings, Arsians! Courtesy of our friends at TechBargains, we have another round of deals to share. Though the Black Friday madness is still a couple of days away, various retailers have already kicked off deals that will remain live through this week's shopping event. Those include Sony's PlayStation 4 marked down to $200; while the likes of Kohl's and GameStop will include gift cards with this deal on Black Friday itself, that's still about as low as it has been on Amazon.

Among the other early highlights: Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite and Fire HD 10 have been slashed by $30 and $50, respectively, while a number of high-end Lenovo and Dell laptops have been cut as well. You can check out the full list below.

(credit: TechBargains)

Note: Ars Technica may earn compensation for sales from links on this post through affiliate programs.

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With today’s launch of the OnePlus 5T, the OnePlus 5 is dead

Ars Technica - 3 hours 14 min ago

Enlarge / Here’s the 5T (left) compared to the OnePlus 5 (right). It’s a big improvement, packing more screen into the same size body. (credit: Ron Amadeo)

Today is OnePlus 5T launch day. The $500 phone with high-end specs and a slim bezel design is up for sale on the OnePlus website, where the current ship time is seven days.

The release also makes it the end of the line for the OnePlus 5T's predecessor, the OnePlus 5. Just like with the OnePlus 3 to 3T transition, the release of a new OnePlus phone means the death of the old one. The OnePlus 5 and 5T are pretty similar, as the name would suggest, but the OnePlus 5T has a new front with a taller screen and on-screen buttons, a new rear fingerprint reader, and a new camera setup. It gets a $20 price bump.

If you're in the market for an Android phone and don't want to pay top dollar for a Pixel 2 XL, the OnePlus 5T is a solid choice. It's not just OnePlus' usual high-end specs for a low price; this year, it also has a modern, high-end design that can hold its own with the $800 flagships out there. The 5T is also made of metal, which, along with the Pixel 2, makes it one of the rare flagships that isn't totally made of glass. You do make some tradeoffs: there's no waterproofing, OnePlus' support isn't great, and there's no wireless charging.

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'Game of Thrones' alleged hacker hit with charges in US - CNET - News - 3 hours 33 min ago
The man, who allegedly went after HBO with a $6 million ransom this summer, has worked for the Iranian military and a hacking group, according to the US.

Apple Watch Series 1 review - CNET - Reviews - 3 hours 42 min ago
It doesn't have GPS and you can't swim with it, but that's okay: Series 1 might be the way to go for anyone who doesn't need those top-end fitness options.

FCC to eliminate net neutrality regulations - CNET - News - 3 hours 45 min ago
Ajit Pai says he's fixing an Obama-era mistake that allowed the US government to micromanage the internet. Democrats warn the move will harm consumers.

Colorado fines Uber $8.9M for allowing dozens of unauthorized drivers

Ars Technica - 4 hours 16 min ago

Enlarge (credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images News)

Colorado authorities have issued an $8.9 million fine against Uber for authorizing drivers who had prior disqualifying criminal or vehicle-related offenses.

According to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, Uber allowed 57 drivers over the last 18 months to drive who should not have been permitted to drive for the company.

The agency wrote in a Monday statement that its staff "launched an investigation earlier this year after a referral from the Vail Police Department about an Uber driver accused of assaulting a passenger."

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D-Link EXO AC2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router (DIR-882) review - CNET - Reviews - 4 hours 27 min ago
The D-Link DIR-882 dual-band router can transmit data to multiple devices simultaneously, has robust customization and an affordable price.

New Windows search interface borrows heavily from macOS

Ars Technica - 4 hours 31 min ago


Press clover-space on a Mac (aka apple-space or command-space to Apple users) and you get a search box slap bang in the middle of the screen; type things into it and it'll show you all the things it can find that match. On Windows, you can do the same kind of thing—hit the Windows key and then start typing—but the results are shown in the bottom left of your screen, in the Start menu or Cortana pane.

The latest insider build of Windows, build 17040 from last week, has a secret new search interface that looks a lot more Mac-like. Discovered by Italian blog Aggiornamenti Lumia, set a particular registry key and the search box appears in the middle of the screen. The registry key calls it "ImmersiveSearch"—hit the dedicated key, and it shows a simple Fluent-designed search box and results. This solution looks and feels a lot like Spotlight on macOS.

The basic Windows type-to-search interface and experience hasn't changed much since its introduction in Windows Vista. For me, at least, it transformed how I used Windows, and type-to-search is how I've launched most programs, most of the time, for the last decade. The new interface offers much more room for results, and those results can be far more detailed. So while the new interface has some rough edges, it looks like a solid improvement.

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Apple removes Skype from its app store in China - CNET - News - 4 hours 40 min ago
The Chinese government told the tech giant that Skype violated local laws.

Wounded FalconStor flutters back to life

The Register - 4 hours 40 min ago
First profit in two years, fresh funding, new faces

FalconStor has confirmed its first profit in more than two years, bagged fresh funding and employed a new bunch of new faces in its exec lounge.…

Sprint shakes up management team following T-Mobile talks - CNET - News - 4 hours 43 min ago
Three executives are leaving and seven will no longer report directly to the CEO.

Regulator repeals US net neutrality rules

BBC Technology News - 5 hours 10 min ago
As expected, the Federal Communications Commission has pushed back net neutrality legislation.

Leica CL review - CNET - Reviews - 5 hours 22 min ago
Innovative controls and form-over-function omissions make the CL a great but frequently frustrating mirrorless camera to use at a high price.

Nintendo Switch review - CNET - Reviews - 5 hours 43 min ago
It's been an impressive first year for the Switch as the clever hybrid console's ample game library lives up to its promise of being a home-and-away gaming machine.

Digital minister: We're still talking to BT about sorting crap broadband

The Register - 5 hours 44 min ago
Matt Hancock blissfully unaware that deal is on brink of collapse

UK digital minister Matt Hancock has denied that talks with BT to improve poor internet speeds in 1.4 million rural areas have fallen through.…

Honda recalls 800,000 Odyssey minivans for loose seats - Roadshow - News - 5 hours 54 min ago
The second-row seats may tip forward if they aren't properly secured.

Apple's HomePod went through years of starts and stops - CNET - News - 6 hours 4 min ago
The smart speaker was a side project that got canceled and revived several times, a new report says, which may help explain its slow start.

RIP net neutrality: FCC chair releases plan to deregulate ISPs

Ars Technica - 6 hours 24 min ago

(credit: Free Press)

The Federal Communications Commission today announced its plan to deregulate the broadband industry and eliminate net neutrality rules, setting up a December 14 vote to finalize the repeal.

As expected, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is proposing to reverse the commission's classification of home and mobile ISPs as common carriers, eliminating the legal justification for the net neutrality rules and numerous other consumer protections. The Republican-controlled FCC is likely to vote 3-2 along party lines in favor of Pai's plan at its regular monthly meeting in December, ignoring Internet users who voiced widespread support for net neutrality rules.

Pai's decision is a big win for cable companies, telcos, and mobile carriers that will no longer face regulation of their broadband businesses under Title II of the Communications Act. Pai ignored numerous calls from consumer advocates, website operators, and Internet users who urged the FCC to preserve the rules that force Internet providers to treat all Web content fairly.

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Google to 'derank' results from Russia Today, Sputnik - CNET - News - 6 hours 27 min ago
Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google parent Alphabet, says Google's algorithms can help limit the spread of misinformation.

As Google clamps down, 'Droid developer warns 'breaking day' is coming

The Register - 6 hours 37 min ago
The Chocolate Factory plugs accessibility fudge

Mobile app developers are being forced to rewrite their code as Google attempts to tame Android's Wild West.…

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