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Building your own PC for AI is 10x cheaper than renting out GPUs on cloud, apparently

The Register - 1 hour 50 min ago
Here's the recipe for cooking up your own AMD-Nvidia beast

So, you’ve hunkered down and finally completed that online course on machine learning. It took weeks. Now, you have all sorts of ideas running through your mind on developing your own intelligent code and neural networks.…

6 Spotify songs to listen to while Silicon Valley steals your DNA - CNET - News - 2 hours 8 min ago
Commentary: wants you to match your DNA to a Spotify playlist. But if you're worried about Silicon Valley storing all your biometric data, what's the music for you?

Oracle pours a mug o' Java 11 for its loyalists, tips pot of Binary Code License down the sink

The Register - 2 hours 52 min ago
Our programming language is still number one, insists database goliath

Oracle on Tuesday delivered Java 11, in keeping with the six-month release cadence adopted a year ago with Java 9. It is the first "Long Term Support" (LTS) release, intended for Java users who prioritize stability over Zuckerbergian fast movement and breakage.…

US government use of AI is shoddy and failing citizens – because no one knows how it works

The Register - 3 hours 45 min ago
The AI Now Institute's report ain't pretty

New York University's AI Now Institute, a research hub investigating the wider social impacts of machine learning algorithms, has published a report critiquing how the US government uses the technology.…

Google promises Chrome changes after privacy complaints - CNET - News - 5 hours 7 min ago
The search giant comes under fire for hoarding cookies and logging its website users into Chrome.

Japan's mini space elevator goes to space - CNET - News - 5 hours 9 min ago
And we have liftoff!

Crypto-jackers' best pal Monero resets the 'days since a critical bug' counter back to zero

The Register - 5 hours 13 min ago
It's been a rough September for the digital fun-bucks

Monero's developers have emitted their second software bug postmortem examination in a month – this time for a flaw miscreants could have exploited to burn through exchanges' digital cash.…

Delta blames 'technology issue' for ground stop - CNET - News - 5 hours 54 min ago
Airline strands travelers after issuing a ground stop order.

Salesforce dogged by protests, leaked emails, and guerrilla blimps on first day of Dreamforce

The Register - 6 hours 52 min ago
Oh, and the last shreds of Metallica's credibility disappearing on stage

It’s that time of year again: CRM loyalists flood San Francisco for the annual Dreamforce conference hosted by Salesforce – but day one hasn’t exactly gone to plan.…

Pokemon Go just hit $2 billion in revenue - CNET - News - 7 hours 27 min ago
Gotta catch them all. "Them" being dollars. A lot of dollars.

NASA shrinks weather satellites way down to better see inside storms - CNET - News - 7 hours 57 min ago
RainCube, a satellite small enough to fit into a backpack, is sending radar signals into storms in hopes of giving you a better weather reading.

Google to acknowledge privacy 'mistakes' to Senate panel - CNET - News - 8 hours 24 min ago
Senate committee to query tech giants on their user data protection practices.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. went to the 'Ring to shred tires and chew bubblegum - Roadshow - News - 8 hours 25 min ago
Watch his 900-horsepower Ford Mustang attack the Green Hell sideways.

FCC to limit fees cities can charge for 5G deployment - CNET - News - 8 hours 30 min ago
The FCC says the new rules will cut red-tape, but critics say they weaken the ability of municipalities to negotiate with big carriers.

NSA dev in the clink for 5.5 years after letting Kaspersky, allegedly Russia slurp US exploits

The Register - 8 hours 47 min ago
Bloke sent down after spilling Uncle Sam's cyber-weapons

The now-former NSA employee at the heart of the Kaspersky Lab exploit siphoning scandal has been thrown behind bars for five and a half years.…

Mirrorless cameras: Photography's new decisive moment

BBC Technology News - 9 hours 17 min ago
Camera-makers are rushing to release full-frame mirrorless cameras packed with new features.

Panasonic S1R: First look at full-frame mirrorless camera

BBC Technology News - 9 hours 19 min ago
Dan Simmons gets hands on with the only copy of Panasonic's forthcoming S1R camera in existence.

World War II bombings weakened upper atmosphere at edge of space

Ars Technica - 9 hours 39 min ago

Enlarge / Bombing of a factory at Marienburg, Germany, on October 9, 1943. (credit: US Air Force/Public domain)

The Earth's electrified upper atmosphere (the ionosphere) experiences a lot of natural variation, changing with the days and from season to season. The ionosphere can also be affected by certain big events, including solar flares, volcanic eruptions, lightning—and the massive bombs dropped on Germany during World War II. Those bombings produced shockwaves strong enough to weaken the ionosphere right near the edge of space.

That's the conclusion of a new study by University of Reading researchers, just published in the journal Annales Geophysicae. More than a historic curiosity, the finding matters because ionospheric disturbances can disrupt key communications technology, including GPS systems, radio telescopes, and radio communications.

The air raids conducted by both the Germans and Allied forces in the 1940s were designed to take out critical industrial and political infrastructure—and if civilians happened to be in the line of fire, so be it. (The Allied bombing of Hamburg in 1943 reportedly left 45,000 dead.) Intensifying the fear of dying among residents was as key to the strategy as the physical destruction wrought by the massive bombs dropped. The largest bombs, weighing as much as 10 tons, were powerful enough to blow the roofs off buildings, sending intense shockwaves not just through the streets but into the skies above.

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Verizon outage knocks out service across the US - CNET - News - 9 hours 40 min ago
Update: Verizon says service has returned to some markets in the South.

Ex-NSA employee gets 5 years in prison for taking home top secret files - CNET - News - 9 hours 53 min ago
Antivirus software on a home PC reportedly scooped up the information.

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